50 Artists Who Caught Companies And Fake Artists Shamelessly Copying Their Work And Selling It

It’s become nearly impossible not to stumble upon cheap knockoffs while shopping for almost anything. And it’s not only the small unknown companies that do it. Giants like Forever21, New Look, and even Disney have been caught doing the same as well.

The guys over at Bored Panda have compiled a list of people who ended up on the receiving end of these copycats, who decided to make some money out of somebody else’s hard work.

Do you have a story of your own to add to the list? Let’s talk in the comments.

#1 Art By Katie Woodger Stolen By Disney

Image source: Katie-Woodger

#2 Woman Steals Artwork From Artist Ryan Conners, Paints Flowers On Top Of It And Sells Products With It As Her Own

Image source: kilkennycat

#3 Zara Steals Tuesday Bassen’s Artwork

Image source: tuesdaybassen

#4 First Official Art Thief

Image source: dkaism

#5 Lili Chin’s Illustrations “Doggie Language” On Kohl’s T-Shirts

Image source: Lili Chin

#6 This “Artist”

Image source: EgotisticalKarp

#7 Company Stealing Artwork From Artist

Image source: gemmacorrell

#8 Forever21 Gone Wild

Image source: samlarson

#9 Ford Steals Firewatch Artwork For A Promotional Ad

Image source: Panic Inc

#10 Fashion Label Brandy Melville Knocked Off The Artist Brain Foetus By Placing Her Embroidered Piece On Their Top

Image source:

#11 Etsy Shop Owner Using Belandkal Artwork Without Permission On Their Laser Etched Products. The Art Itself Is Pretty Ironic In This Case

Image source:

#12 Original Work By J.Scott Campbell (Left) And Benjamin Spark’s Work (Right)

Image source:

#13 Art Thief Whose Been Stealing And Selling Prints On Deviantart Finally Gets Spotted Out On Facebook And Called Out

Image source: alishainreallife

#14 Art Thief Posting Work All Over The Internet As His Own Is Caught Red-Handed By The Artist And Called Out

Image source: briannacherrygarcia

#15 Artist Finds Out That Her Artwork Is Used By Another Artist And Even Sold As Pillows

Image source:

#16 The Underwear Club Using Artist’s Created Pattern For Bras Without Her Permission

Image source:

#17 Creative Agency Is Not So Creative Apparently

Image source: isayx3

#18 Urban Outfitters Steals Artist’s Spires Work And Puts In On A Skirt

Image source: spires1776

#19 Thomas Pullin’s Original Work (Left) And Neda Rabiei’s Nockoff (Right)

Image source: Thomas Pullin

#20 Snapchat Accused Of Stealing Make-Up Artist’s Work For Selfie Filters. They Later Admitted To This Being An Issue After 3 Other Artists Were Copied

Image source: mykie_

#21 Originals Vs Rip-Offs

Image source: shoparttheft

#22 Taylor Swift Posted A Fan Art Which Later Turned Out To Be Art Thievery From Artist Ally Burguieres

Image source: Ally Burguieres

#23 Mark Conlan’s Original Work (Left) And Neda Rabiei’s Nockoff (Right)

Image source:

#24 Original Beekeepers Album Artwork And Apt. 13 Copy

Image source:

#25 Frenchman Romain Sarkal Eloy Submits A Photoshopped Picture (Bottom) To A Contest And Wins A New Macbook Pro Laptop All Without A Permission Of Photographer Kevin Collins Who Took The Original Picture (Top)

Image source:

#26 Stolen Art

Image source: FelizaEstrada

#27 Artwork Stolen By Asos

Image source: Vasare

#28 Print By Hidden Eloise On A Paperchase Bag Bearing A Similar Design

Image source:

#29 Samantha Beeston Had Stolen Artist’s Lauren Nassef’s Drawings (Left) And Used Them In Her Own Pattern Designs (Right)

Image source:

#30 Stolen Fan Art

Image source: the_mechanikal_art

#31 Art Stolen From Deviantart User Nerkin

Image source: DiGi_Valentine

#32 Company Stealing Art From Independent Artist

Image source: LaraVakarian

#33 Modern Dog, A Small Seattle Design Shop, Accused Disney And Some Of Their Partners, Including Target, Of Ripping Off One Of Its Dog-Oriented Designs To Create A T-Shirt. They Even Started A Social Media Campaign To Attract More Attention To The Issue

Image source: Moderne Dauge

#34 Forever 21 Accused Of Blatantly Stealing Valfre Designs

Image source: pastemagazine

#35 Original And The Copy

Image source: shoparttheft

#36 Original Illustration And Knock-off Version

Image source: shoparttheft

#37 Stolen Artwork

Image source: xuhxyn

#38 Band Rapper Sadat X Released An Album With Artist’s Jay Roeder Artwork On It Without His Permission

Image source: JayRoeder

#39 Viralstyle Stealing From Artists

Image source: alisdair_wood

#40 Controversial Artist Richard Prince Exhibits And Sells Screenshots Of Other Photographers’ Instagram Photos Without Permission

Image source: donaldgrahamphotography

#41 Paintings Plagiarised By Wendy Marani (Right) As Painted By Nancy Farmer (Left)

Image source:

#42 Artist’s Design Used On A T-Shirt

Image source: justwharton

#43 Rashidi Barrett’s Version (Right) Of Matheus Lopez Castro Work (Left). Barrett Admitted What He’d Done And Apologised On His Website

Image source:

#44 The Original Of Polish Artist Adrian Knopik (Top) And Rashidi Barrett’s Version (Bottom)

Image source:

#45 Chas Truslow “Killa Bart” Art On Ruvilla T-Shirts That It Marketed And Sold To Its Customers

Image source: thecatfishchronicles

#46 Northern Ireland Painter Martin Bradley Produced Almost “Exact Replicas” (Right) Of Works By American Painter Tim Rogerson (Left)

Image source:

#47 Company Copying Artist’s Design

Image source: BHCreatives

#48 Claire’s Ripped Off This Clare Louise Owen Design

Image source: berthodgson

#49 Another Stolen Artwork

Image source: PewdsAlert

#50 Stolen Fanart

Image source: bts_ucu

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