30 Times People Spotted “Accidental Surrealism” In Real Life 2021

What comes to your mind when you think about dream-like landscapes, bizarre things in weird scenarios, or virtually impossible occurrences? Surrealism, right! What if you can witness such things in reality? Well, some folks got lucky enough to spot such dream-like scenarios happening in reality and captured them in their cameras.

“Accidental Surrealism” subreddit is an online community where people share those pictures that look like surreal art. Photography and art lovers share interesting reality-defying pictures on this subreddit. From weird cloud formations to unusual reflections, these photos will make you see reality from a different perspective. Scroll below to see 30 mind-bending photos that were shared on the subreddit.

More info: Accidental Surrealism

#1 Clouds In Harrodsburg, Kentucky. No Filter

Image source: EdwardSandwichHands

#2 I Thought That Was The Ocean

Image source: probablyblocked

#3 A Train Car In Minnesota Carrying Corn Had A Leak

Image source: Dorchevsky

#4 Coudscape/Snowscape

Image source: SanctusLetum

#5 Clam Covered Mannequin Head That Washed Up On Shore

Image source:

#6 5000 Litres Of Spilled Ink

Image source: wildwelshwitch

#7 Road To Nowhere

Image source: Hitchie_Rawtin

#8 These Floorboards At My Airbnb

Image source: samplesizematters

#9 Picture Of Building As Reflected In Broken Mirror On Pavement

Image source: Lynndonia

#10 These Are Called Scud Clouds. This Was Recently Captured In South Carolina

Image source: Airyx

#11 Melting Street During A Heatwave In India

Image source: TheInvisibleHand89

#12 A Mosaic In Turkey Being Excavated That’s Been Rippled By Earthquakes

Image source: MockingBird421

#13 An Accidental Skyline

Image source: diamonding

#14 Panoramic Picture Of The Eiffel Tower Gone Wrong

Image source: enderkg

#15 Another Panoramic Shot

Image source: Letchworth

#16 Reflections

Image source:

#17 A Hole On The Hill

Image source: Chen_Dali

#18 Brick Wall Worn Down By The Sea

Image source: Smilodon-Fatalis

#19 Snowy Beach In Hokkaido, Japan

Image source: hardytom540

#20 Swimming Pool Untouched By Dirty Flood Water

Image source: Glennmaster7

#21 The Sky Is The Limit

Image source: exemplariasuntomni

#22 Nagabeta Seabed Road – Japan

Image source: RodrLM

#23 Ladders

Image source: Habitual_Emigrant

#24 Shadow

Image source: Gandalftheseman

#25 The Persistence Of Garbage

Image source: Smilodon-Fatalis

#26 Top Of A Shipping Container

Image source: adityahol

#27 Shed Overturned By A Tornado

Image source: Smilodon-Fatalis

#28 A Nj Rollercoaster Got Tossed Into The Ocean By Hurricane Sandy In 2012

Image source: dr_franck

#29 Oil On The Ground

Image source: CielaczekXXL

#30 Birds Eye View Of A Ship Being Cleaned

Image source: HarveyHaddock

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