Bikini, tan* and others … and so on ..

We take a look at the development of this fashion over the decades.

Historic photo of people in long swimsuits

Form before functionality

People in longer bathing suits standing in a lake

A step forward

Women with page-boy haircuts and shorter bathing suits standing in the water

Stylized and designed

Bikini fashion on Micheline Bernardini (picture-alliance/dpa)

Scandalous debut

 Esther Williams posing in a suit on sand

The Hollywood Venus

Marilyn Monroe in a one-piece suit
… and then Marilyn Monroe appeared

Miss World competition 1956

Modest Miss Germany

Four women admiring the patterns on each others' suits

Pop art costumes

Gina Lollobrigida wearing a flowery pink cap

First the head

Baywatch women in red suits (Photo By Getty Images)

Save with the material!

Ursula Andress and Halle Berry (picture-alliance/dpa/UPI/Fox)

The Bond Girls

Woman in bright orange one-piece walking down a catwalk

How much is enough?

Women in burkinis jogging down the beach (Privat)

Burkina is not just for Muslim women

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