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30 Perfect Photos And How This Photographer Took Them (Behind-The-Scenes)

Photographer and Instagram popular celebrity Geo Leon revealed the Behind-The-Scenes photos of his fashion portraits. Sometimes a photo looks too good to be real because there’s actually a lot more happening behind the scenes than it shows in the final image. Creativity is an important aspect of photography and not all photographers possess the knack

Artist Esther González Creates Funny Comics About Everyday Interactions

Spanish artist Esther González creates funny comics about everyday interactions. Ether illustrates funny everyday situations she experience with her boyfriend in a funny way, and she names this series as “Miss Pad Thai”. Scroll down and enjoy yourself. Please check her Instagram account for more amazing work. You can find Esther González on the web:

These 25 People Found Their Doppelgangers At The Museum

It’s not every day you find someone who looks just like you! Check out this fun gallery and share it with your friends! The resemblance in these 25 photos is so interesting! These people were just enjoying a visit to the museum when they found their doppelgangers… in art! Imagine looking at the painting that’s

25 Impressive Examples Of Creative Street Art

These pieces of street art are so beautiful! Check out this interesting gallery and share the fun with your friends. There is such a huge difference between street art and vandalism. Those who just scribble their names on random walls are no artists, and their work has nothing to do with art. However, the pieces

25 Creative Pieces Of Street Art Fusing With Nature

These street artists got creative and used natural elements, like grass, leaves, or trees in their work, and the results were so impressive! Check out this awesome gallery and share the fun with your friends! 1. This artist used already existing vegetation in this piece of street art. 2. I love how they used those
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