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30 Things That Show How Germany Is Different From Any Other Country

Has anyone been to Germany? So you realized how Germany is different from any other country. Here are 30 things to see Germany’s differences from any other country. Here is more about Germany. 1. A German Circus Is Using Holograms Instead Of Live Animals For A Cruelty-Free Magical Experience. And It’s Cool Wuppertal Suspension Railway In Germany

20+ Comics About Being a Girl That Are a Barrel of Laughs

There are a million reasons why being a girl isn’t easy, like, for example, the fact that makeup rarely ends up as expected, nor does the attempt to eat healthily. But a fitness entrepreneur named Cassey Ho surely knows how to make people laugh about all the struggles we’re facing. We at votreART had a lot of fun while looking at these comics and couldn’t miss the chance to share

20 Examples Of Bad Logo Designs Shared By People Online

Logo designing is one of the most creative and challenging categories in graphic design. If done right, simple arrangements of words and images can effectively communicate a great deal of stuff. However, if not done right, it may look absurd and ridiculous! Today, we have collected some logo designs that seem weird, funny, or terrible.

16 People Who Transformed Their Scars Into Pieces of Art

Like the caterpillar transforms itself into something as graceful as a butterfly, we can also turn the memory of something traumatic scarred on our skin into a masterpiece. In the case of these brave people, all it took was the skilled hand of tattoo artist Raquel Gauthier. We at votreART feel proud of those who dare show their true selves to the world, so we’ve compiled a list of pics of these wonderful transformations.

45+ Pictures Revealing The Unconventional Side Of Dubai

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and it is known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and a lively nightlife scene. The pictures of Dubai typically leave you with a sense of awe and wonder, but it is important to note that these pictures only portray one side of the marvelous city.

A Japanese Artist Creates Unique Sculptures Out of Twisted Balloons

Who would have believed that balloons could produce works of art? Well, one individual has already accomplished it. Ryo Kajiyama, a gifted Japanese artist, fashions intricate figures and things exclusively from twisted balloons. At Bright Side, we love to see artists that are hidden gems, and Ryo Kajiyama is certainly one of them. So today, we’ve decided to show you 15+ photos of his amazing work.

An Artist Is Shaping the Way We See Motherhood in 10+ Illustrations

Playing with children and feeding them may seem easy, but most of us don’t experience motherhood until afterward. Then we discover that instead of “easy peasy lemon squeezy,” we really pinch our eyelids while drinking a cup of coffee to help us feel better after a restless night. And one Instagram artist successfully captured the

This Guy Recreates Famous People’s Photos on a Low Budget, and They’re 1,000 Times Funnier Than the Originals

We often see a celebrity outfit and fall in love with it, but it’s just unattainable for one reason or another. Well, with a generous dose of creativity, resourcefulness, and a good sense of humor, Bodi Imită came up with a solution to that problem. He uses everything at hand to recreate looks from those in the spotlight, from Beyoncé to Cristiano Ronaldo. votreART picked some of Bodi’s greatest works and displayed them here for
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