Entertaining Feminist Memes That Portray The Hardship Of Being A Woman

The term “Feminism” has opened an ongoing debate around the world for years, but it’s often misunderstood as a term. The difficulties on women’s lives have been documented since the beginning of time, and still there are only talks but never solutions when it comes to gender equality.

The burden on woman’s shoulder is enormous. There is the never ending duty to take care of her husband, children, household, career, and having to do all that while trying to reach the beauty standards of age and trying to show herself as a role model on society. And all that most of the time it feels like she’s not here to live her life but rather for men’s entertainment.

Feminism and feminist views, considered by most as a sensitive topic, it’s not something we usually associate with funny memes and jokes, but most of the time humor reflects the ugly truth better.

There are tons of tweets about feminism that are funny and convey the hard truth, therefore we have gathered some of the best feminist and sexist memes from all over internet with which even the manliest men laugh at them.





















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