Hilarious Sarcastic Illustrations That Reveal The Dark Side Of Our Reality

Illustrations like these have a different perspective of the same society that we live in and they portray the harsh reality of the same that we tend to ignore to show only the happy side of our dark society. Today’s world is too distracted towards the internet and they often forget that there is a world outside the virtual reality and they tend to ignore that real people have real feelings and that everything has meaning in it. These illustrations help us know more about the society as the thought goes, “When the words fail, art walks in”

Appreciate the things that you have

Today’s society is full of show off and with Instagram, most of the rich kids, showcase the things that they are fortunate to have like dirt and the people who follow them try to get the things that they dream to have. In all this hustle they tend to forget to be grateful for the things they have, and what most of the poor people strive hard to get.

Appearance on the Internet

The social media has become a parasite while people think that it is a paradise and this is what bothers us. Why do you need to fake your appearance to get to people to like you? You should live by the quote that once Kurt Cobian said, ” I’d rather be hated for who I am, then be loved for who I am not”.

Marriage is no longer pure

People commit adultery even when they know that it is wrong. Marriage is meaningless now. Even when people have all the perks of life, they are in search of love and end up realizing that love is something that you should contain and they had it all along but they were searching it in the wrong place.

What perfection is?

People consider shape to play a big role in how attractive a person is. Teen these days are striving to get the typical figure that is considered attractive while having all the junk food that they eat.

We’re shaving trees off the earths head

We don’t realize what we have until it’s too late. This is why the things that we already have to get out of our hands too soon. This is a perfect depiction of how we take all the goodness of the earth and give nothing back.


We usually give more priority to things that don’t really give us much but they have a price tag and that is all the society is now concerned of!

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The Social network

The people who use the social network too much they can’t think of anything that they can’t post on the social network. The virtual reality is everything that they are concerned about.

Time stops

For all those who are only interested in the daily life that is fake, time is something that runs away while for the lovers time just freezes and even a moment makes you feel like you spent an eternity.

The rich and the poor

The rich and the poor have a totally different perspective towards each other. Basic needs like food and shelter are available for the rich in excess whereas the poor have nothing but dreams of it.

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