Terrifying Video Shows Crocodile Pouncing On Cheetah, Dragging It Into The Water

The wild is an intriguing place. You can be caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in front of the wrong opponent, no matter who you are.

A video on WildEarth TV’s Facebook page is both terrifying and awe-inspiring. It shows a cheetah drinking water, and nothing seems to happen for a few seconds. Then suddenly, the calm is interrupted by a feisty crocodile that pounces on the cheetah and drags it into the water.

cheetah vs crocodile

The latter is visibly startled, but puts up a fight to free itself from the clenches of the mighty animal.

However, this time, the mighty croc emerges victorious.
Busani Mtshali, a naturalist – as per the video – explains that the cheetah was a young male cub.

“…you can see now the mom, she’s walking away. This is the very sad, sad part.”

The mom keeps turning around to look in the direction of the water and it shows how animals, much like humans, feel loss, even if this is the way of the wild.

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