This Amazing Bench In The Library Of Alexandria Is Inscribed With Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Everyone who has paid attention in history classes knows about the Great Library of Alexandria – one of the largest libraries of the ancient world that was located in Alexandria, Egypt. It housed thousands of books and scrolls back in the day and put the city on the map as the capital of knowledge and learning. Sadly, the Great Library suffered numerous fires throughout its existence before eventually being destroyed.

Back in 1974, a committee set up by the University of Alexandria decided to revive the library and selected a plot of land for it to be built – although the construction only started 21 years later. On the 16th of October, 2002, the library was officially inaugurated – and thus the Library of Alexandria was born again.

More info: Bibliotheca Alexandrina

There’s a unique bench located in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

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In 1988, UNESCO organized an architectural design competition to choose the design for the upcoming library. It was won by Norwegian architectural studio Snøhetta, that you might know for their Svart self-sustaining hotel or the Under underwater restaurant.

It is shaped like an open book and it’s every book lover’s dream

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The modern library is even more impressive than it was back in the day, containing shelf space for a whopping 8 million books.

The bench is inscribed with several Shakespeare poems

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The main reading room is equally impressive, covering a space of  20,000 sq m (220,000 sq ft).

Including Sonnet No. 12

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Bibliotheca Alexandrina also houses a conference center, four museums, four art galleries, 15 permanent exhibitions, and a planetarium.

It truly is an impressive work of art

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However, it’s one art piece that is particularly popular with tourists and visitors – a bench that looks like an open book.

Image source: Wikipedia

The book features inscriptions of Shakespeare’s sonnets – including Sonnet No. 12.

Make sure to snap a pic the next time you’re around!

Image source: kabola_khan

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