You Have Awful Taste, But No One Can Deny To Execute It Flawlessly (45 Pics)

They say money can’t buy taste…and never has this been more obvious than in this post (and in Elvis’ Graceland). In that sense, the objects listed in this post are atrocious. On the other hand, money (and skill) can get you excellent workmanship, so in that sense, these are all basically works of art.

This is a collection of people whose taste might be questionable but who are definitely, completely committed. Look, we’re not here to judge. Yes, this post is a little judge-y, but these things are all so hilariously bad that we have no choice but to love them.

That doesn’t mean we can’t still ask BUT WHY??

1. The artist behind this “Royal Baby” lip art

Amazing technical skills, and yet, so very, very unnecessary?

2. Whoever came up with this Forrest Gump tattoo

It’s…Forrest Gump. In a Bubba Gump Shrimp hat. Shrug emoji.

3. The designer of this “modern” home

Who wouldn’t want to live in a home that looks like it was made of giant breath mints?

4. Whoever made this Minion stove

When your love of Minions has gone too far.

5. The designer of this murdery handbag

This is just a whole bunch of yikes.

6. Whoever wanted and actually had this weird car trailer made

Looks like someone really loves the back of their car. And the license plate “HOT LAVA.” (Surprise! There’s no other kind of lava.)

7. The person who owns this hippopotamus car

Never has something cute been more horrifying.


8.  The owner of this Hearse


9.  The designer of these “his” and “hers” wedding cakes

This doesn’t bode well for the marriage.

10.  Whoever is driving the car with these wheels

Amish kids on Rumspringa?

11.  The person responsible for this bedding

I want to unsee this.

12.  Whoever came up with the idea for this monstrosity of a fireplace

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

13.  The person who designed this staff kitchen floor

This is not the correct way to bring nature indoors.

14.  The designer of Conor McGregor’s “F*ck You” suit

Reminiscent of Lindsay Lohan’s “F*ck u” nails, but much more committed.

15.  Whoever did the meticulous job of applying duct tape to this car

No need for a new paint job!

16.  The artist behind this cockroach cappuccino

Hello, 911?

17.  This man’s stretched ear/tattoo combo

At least the tattoo is adorable.

18.  The wearer of these pigeon shoes

It really does look like she shoved her feet into some pigeons, so, effect achieved! These would have gone nicely with Björk’s swan dress.

19.  The owner of this chromed-out car

That looks like a very tacky safety hazard.

20.  The artist who made this sculpture

Oh, man. Art.

21.  The designer of this Human Santapede Christmas sweater

Furious I didn’t think of this first.

22.  The stylist who did this pineapple hairdo

Still, though, the artistry is outstanding.

23.  Whoever made these headphones

When all you want to listen to is the ocean.

24. The person who marble-ized this car

25. The colorist responsible for this dye job

I actually almost love this but it’s also a little bit making me want to puke.

26. Whoever designed this inflatable Titanic slide

Forever too soon, people.

27. The artist who made this finger ring

She does ear earrings, too.

28.  The driver of this fishy car

I can’t imagine what it must smell like if you leave it sitting in the sun too long.

29. The architect who dreamed up this diner in South Korea

Yup, two locomotives made to look like grasshoppers doin’ it. Mmmm nothing says “edible” like huge insects.
















And what the heck, some more winners we’ve come across this week:

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