This Guy Recreates Famous People’s Photos on a Low Budget, and They’re 1,000 Times Funnier Than the Originals

We often see a celebrity outfit and fall in love with it, but it’s just unattainable for one reason or another. Well, with a generous dose of creativity, resourcefulness, and a good sense of humor, Bodi Imită came up with a solution to that problem. He uses everything at hand to recreate looks from those in the spotlight, from Beyoncé to Cristiano Ronaldo.

17 Celebrities Who Look Even More Striking With Time

Some Hollywood stars seem to become ever more attractive as they grow older. Whether they are getting a little help from the advanced cosmetic procedures accessible today or maybe they’ve made a drastic style change, these celebrities are proving that we don’t have to fear aging. All that matters in order to look

17 Hilarious Edits That Were Done Literally As Requested

Photos were something that you couldn’t have or afford when they were first introduced to the world. But with the current development of technology, the photography industry has developed to a state that a camera, which can be professional, casual, and even on phones

20 Embarrassing Pregnancy Announcement Fails

Gender reveals and baby announcements have become all the rage recently on social media. It makes sense that one would want to share their joy with the world; however, some people tend to go a little overboard and end up in cringe-ville. The Facebook
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