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20 Embarrassing Pregnancy Announcement Fails

Gender reveals and baby announcements have become all the rage recently on social media. It makes sense that one would want to share their joy with the world; however, some people tend to go a little overboard and end up in cringe-ville. The Facebook group ‘That’s It, I’m Pregnancy Announcement Shaming‘ is dedicated to ridiculous

23 Photos Taken Before And After Brides Got Their Wedding Makeup

Arber Bytygi makes such incredible transformations for brides-to-be that the groom might think he showed up at the wrong wedding! While some might prefer a subtle, natural look on their big day, Arber specializes in glamorous, red-carpet makeovers, turning women into the Kardashian version of beauty – all smoky eyes, bold brows and painted lips.

20 Photographers Who Captured The Most Wonderful Shots On The Streets

Street photography is an art form that needs a lot of awareness, creativity, and a hawk-eyed vision. The best street photographers always seek to capture the urban dwellings and the people living there from various perspectives. Turns out, there is an Instagram page called “Street Photographers” where various street photographers from all around the world

9 Strange Things That Used to Be Normal in the Past

There can be many times where you have felt like ‘this world is too weird’. There are people who do so many crazy things that are even hard to be imagined and depending on the way how you look at them, you might have feel strange or great. However, everything is getting changed in every

Photography Major Shares 20 Tips On How To Look Good In Photos (New Pics)

Everyone wants to look good in pictures – but it’s not always as easy as smiling and making sure you don’t blink (and if you don’t believe me, our childhood pictures are the perfect proof). Fear not, however, as Bonnie Rodríguez Krzywicki is about to take your posing game to another level. This Chicago-based photography

This Is How 2 Different Bodies Can Style The Same Clothes

Many people believe that they need to have one size of the body to be stylish or to look good. But the truth is, you can style anything if you wear the clothing the proper way. Some people might think that it is simply not possible, but it is. To debunk this mass misconception, Denise

A New Monograph Follows the Evolution of Wangechi Mutu’s Mythologizing Practice

A new monograph published by Phaidon delves into the multi-faceted work of Kenyan-American artist Wangechi Mutu . The first of its kind, the volume packs hundreds of artworks, glimpses into Mutu’s Nairobi studio, and her own writings within its 160 pages. Known for mythologizing, the artist often incorporates found, organic materials like soil, feathers, bone, and ephemera into her collages

40 Of The Funniest Moments That Happened In Weddings

Even if most weddings are boring some of them might be fun too. Here are 40 funny moments that will make you laughed from weddings. 1. We Thought It Was Sad That Most Women Only Get To Wear Their Wedding Dress Once, So We Invited All The Women Coming To Our Non-Traditional Wedding To Wear
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