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Danish Artist Creatively Folds Paper To Bring His Drawings To Life

Danish Artist Husk Mit Navn (Remember My Name) creatively folds paper to bring his drawings to life. Husk Mit Navn is a painter, artist and doodler. While he has created several groundbreaking graffiti scenes and paintings under his name, his clever three-dimensional sketches are what made him stand out from other artists. HuskMitNavn draws cartoonish

Artist Vincent Bal Turns Shadows Of Everyday Objects Into Funny Sketches

Belgian artist and filmmaker Vincent Bal turns shadows of everyday objects into funny sketches. Vincent doodles around the shadows of cups, vegetables, windows, leaves, phone chargers, etc. It all started when Vincent Bal was working on a new script and noticed the shadow of his teacup on a piece of paper. He drew some lines

Dad Recreates His Child’s Drawings As They Were Real Life Creatures

Dad recreates his children’s drawings as they were real-life creatures. Children Tom and Al like drawing stuff, sometimes quite detailed but usually rough. They draw animals, objects, it depends on how they feel. Tom, the Dad recreates these drawing like real. In his words “Over the past few years, we’ve created hundreds of creatures, vehicles,

Stunning Wood-Carved Sculptures That Look Like People And Objects Are Trapped Inside

Taiwanese artist Tung Ming-Chin created stunning wood-carved sculptures that look like people and objects are trapped inside. Tung is a master of transforming wood into pensive, emotive sculptures. His smoothly polished pieces transform as the viewer moves around them, slowly revealing surprises. Often dealing with themes of inner emotion and the subconscious mind, his sculptures

30 Perfect Photos And How This Photographer Took Them (Behind-The-Scenes)

Photographer and Instagram popular celebrity Geo Leon revealed the Behind-The-Scenes photos of his fashion portraits. Sometimes a photo looks too good to be real because there’s actually a lot more happening behind the scenes than it shows in the final image. Creativity is an important aspect of photography and not all photographers possess the knack
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