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6 Style Lessons We Learned From the Gorgeous Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is much more than a good actress for many people. All of her efforts to improve the world demonstrate that she actually has a golden heart. Apart from her unselfish commitment to philanthropy, this stunning lady has a few fashion tips to share with us. We can’t take our gaze away from her

15+ Celebrities Who Look Totally Different in Their Photos From the 2000s

It might be hard to believe it but 21 years have already passed since the year 2000. The 00s were a bright epoch that presented us with numerous vivid images, especially among celebrities. Today, looking at the photos from that period, we can feel nostalgia and recall what trends were at their peak then, as well as what tricks celebs used to enhance their individuality. We at votreART decided to compare how

10+ Clothes From Amazon That Will Help You Get a Red Carpet Look

Red carpet fashion has influenced style for years now, and for a good reason, all celebs look breathtaking. But while the outfits they wear can cost way above our budget, there is still a way to recreate some looks and look like a star. So we at votreART took matters into our own hands and found affordable clothes on Amazon that will give you the

19 Undergarment Rules That We Often Break Without a Second Thought

Our choice of underwear is no less important than our choice of outerwear. It forms our silhouette, and therefore it should fit like a glove. A bra strap peeking out from under your clothes or a translucent print on a bra can destroy your entire look, no matter how fashionable and well-fitted it is. At

7 Simple Style Rules That Will Make You A Fashion Guru

The price of the clothes don’t matter The most important thing is to find the right combination, most ladies combine an expensive handbag with an inexpensive top. It doesn’t matter where you bought your clothes or how much they’re worth, what matters is how you combine them. Wear black when you’ve got nothing to wear

8 Things That Can Happen If You Stop Wearing Makeup

Today I decided to look at the tolic about the benefits of not applying makeups. I would love to show you how the absence of makeup can actually make your whole personality flourish. The skin becomes more resistant to sun damage There are several makeup products which contains ingredients that may make the top of

Some Mistake We Should Avoid When Dressing

When it comes to fashion, we all make blunders but unintentionally. However, some of our ladies’ dressing code seems to be intentionally and we have to avoid them. Below are some of the mistakes that ladies should avoid when dressing: 1. Matching Colour Wrongly. If you don’t know how to match colours in your outfits,

Simple But Beautiful Hairstyles for Women To Try Out (Photos)

People view beauty in different dimensions. What you may term as beautiful may not look beautiful to another person and so we should learn to respect peoples’ views as we all look at the world differently. As women our beauty matters alot. We should learn to groom ourselves and make ourselves valuable. Our physical appearances
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