10 Times Photoshop Experts Skilfully Trolled All Those Innocent People

Some people are sarcastic on some other level and beat us when we least expect it. And when these sarcastic beings have expertise in the creativity they express their sarcastic nature in the most creative way possible and it makes us feel bad for those people who have to face the sarcasm but at the same time, we can have a good laugh on them. Here are some people who requested these photoshop experts to do photoshopping on their images and these experts made it so hilarious.

This photoshop master is thinking out of the box

Look what he made out of the request and the picture. His mom does really look young though. But the guy becomes shorter and younger too. So much to make his mother look young!

How was his supposed to make him rich?

A grammatical error can cost you sarcastic reply. This photoshop expert made the most amazing pun ever when he just added a tag of a name, ” Richard”. Now he is rich in his name.

Say no more…

This is the most epic photoshop on the list. Who in their right minds would think that they want a picture of their face instead of the apps on their body?

Go home or go square…

The sarcasm is originated from the phrase ” Go home or go square”. This girl would have been really mad for having the results. How was he supposed to make it less round, though?

Wow, this is the best ever!

Okay, for once, stop laughing on the lady’s position and pay attention to the awesome blending of the scene behind the man. This is really excellent and we are in awe of this talent.

Well, that’s just logic!

This photoshop guru has really made the most epic logic showing up the face! Look how brilliantly he thinks of things. This is exactly why I love to see posts like these.

Logic, again!

How did she think that the photoshop master would make the head appear smaller than this? He did a good thing making her boyfriend’s head appear bigger than hers. This is amazing to watch.

That’s a great tattoo

This is literally what she wished for. Even though it is sarcastic and does fulfill the request it is quite awesome to have a tattoo designed like that. It’s cool!

Well, she should have thought of the consequences that would follow

Her ex-boyfriend would have been so happy to get this picture. Or maybe the photoshop guy was friends with this guy and is only defending him and made the whole picture of him rather than taking him out of the current picture.

I love his son’s hairstyle

This is so cool! I would have never thought of something like this. The photoshop guy has made an epic transformation of this duo. It’s hilarious!

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