13 Girly Things That Men Love But Never Tell You About it Openly

A lot of men has the feminine touch and like to do all girly things that are mostly done by girls. Be it love for romantic movies, cute puppies, love letters, there are many things that men like. Men are taught to be strong, rough and tough, but deep down even they are soft and emotional.

1. Yes, men also love gossiping

A lot of men like gossiping and talk about someone else’s life. They also bitch about other people.

2. Love for shopping

We love shopping as much as a lady does. But guys never actually tell others before going for shopping. Most of the time it’s kinda secret and personal thing.

3. S3xy dance moves

Once we are drunk enough, there is no stopping. Men can pull off s3xy dance moves even better than girls.

4. Bubble bath

Men firmly believe that there’s nothing better after a difficult day than a bubble bath and a glass of wine.

5. The way they take care of their skin

A lot of men are as worried as you girls are when it comes to skin care. They use different cosmetics to make sure the skin is in good condition.

6. Singing in the shower

I don’t think it’s really a girly thing as we all love singing and humming while taking a shower.

7. Love taking selfies

You may not be the person we are talking about but there are guys who are obsessed with selfies and I’m sure you might have seen such guys in your social media timeline.

8. Romantic movies

You better believe that there are guys who love watching girly type romantic movies.

9. Using girl’s deodorant

Some guys never compromise with their body odors and when the deodorants run out, he might use yours secretly before he buys one for himself.

10. Dessert lovers

Yes, guys love dessert but they never actually show their obsession.

11. Crying while watching emotional movies

No matter how hard you try but if you are an emotional guy, it’s quite difficult to control your tears rolling out.

12. Dramatic eye rolling

Guys can pull it off way better, and this picture below is the best example.

13. Cuddling

Well, who doesn’t love cuddling?

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