11 Riddles That Toasted Our Brain Like a Marshmallow

Riddles are an excellent way to examine how someone thinks and what their preconceptions are, according to researchers. That’s why you can hear many different answers to the same question based on who is standing in front of you. But, at the end of the day, there is only one answer to most riddles and especially those that require the full attention of your eyes.

votreART is well aware of how much you enjoy good riddles and that’s why we’ve prepared 11 of them that will keep your brain occupied for a while.

1. Who is the richest woman?

2. Can you help Ellen find out who is the true owner of the yacht?

3. Mike had a concussion. His wife is about to give birth. Can you help him remember which one is his pregnant wife?

4. Which one of the leaves is identical to the example?

5. One of the 5 kids snuck out the window and returned later. Which one was it?

6. Can you find the relation between the 2 men?

7. How did she survive?

8. Which one of the presents did Megan dislike?

9. 2 people are cooking. One is on the grill and one in the kitchen. Which one is doing something wrong?

10. Jenny, Mark, and Kate all have the same suitcase. Can you help them identify which one is whose?

11. Can you make the number 6 without breaking any of the matches?

It’s result time and we are waiting to see how many of the riddles you managed to solve. Were there any of them that gave you a particularly hard time?

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