12 Satirical Illustrations That Characterize Harsh Reality Of Our Modern World

We often wonder how far we have come from the dark, how far we have travelled from stone age, with the advent of technology the world has surely shrunk and we have got opportunities like never before to get closer together. But do we really believe in knowing each other, we aren’t sure about that, we are so engaged in ourselves so concerned about our own well being that we have forgotten what it takes to live, what it takes to enjoy as a society. Here’s a list which tries to describe exactly the same scenarios.

Bootlicking times

Desperate times, desperate measures how true this idiom is

This day and age we have long stopped getting inspired by our leaders, we rather have let them down spectacularly.

We have chosen the rather easy way of bootlicking up our bosses to find favours.

Nobody cares

We constantly live in the thought that everything wrong in the world is associated with us.

We keep asking the almighty that why it is happening with us without making any effort to overcome the challenge posed.

They stay the same

This is the world which we have come to live in where we have made peace with the fact that the rich will get richer and the poor will remain poorer.

Not a single conscientious effort to make the world a better place, who has time for being kind these days

The distance keeps going

When it is the time to burn the hatchet, we have exactly chosen the opposite path.

We are hell bent on increasing the differences between each other thereby staying away form people

We were better off then

When we think and ponder for a while about the things we do to our environment, we are quite sure we will bow down our heads in shame and embarrassment.

Absolutely on point

In the name of technology and advancement, we started milking our crops with pesticides, chemicals and fertilisers.

But look at our greed what it has done to the fields, to the crops.

Learning goes digital

Earlier when our teachers used to teach us we used to pay complete attention to each word

But how times have changed learning has been completely taken over by technology now and everyone wishes to learn “virtually”

That’s the real difference

The moment we realise the difference between a boss and a leader is the ultimate joy of life.

A boss makes sure that he does exceedingly well for himself while a leader believes that everyone should exceed.

It hurts to see this

There can’t be a better depiction of a harsher reality than this.

How technology has taken over education and learning, this picture makes us ponder over so many things

Communism compulsory for a better world?

After seeing pictures such as these it always makes me think that why not have communism made mandatory.

To share whatever is extra with the person who needs it, if only we make this compulsory will this world survive

How hard it can hit

This is the true picture of our times.

When you are no longer the only choice for someone, people have just become options for each other to make use of.

What is success?

People these days take up material possessions and professional lives way too seriously.

They are so obsessed with the need to stay in trend that at times then even forget their families for short term materialistic goals.

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