15 Most Unconventional Times People Took Their Photos With Statues

With only one shot, an average bear may transform into a hero, and a Greek statue can change into a dancer from a Beyoncé music video. A long time ago, statues honoring noteworthy people or events were built. Today on the streets, you can see something that resembles a huge bird or a sour girl. Some creative individuals can’t pass these works of art without posing for photos next to them in the most unique ways.

The Statue of Liberty and Christ the Redeemer are among the most popular statues that visitors must see. Some commemorate historical events, while others recognize regional heroes and cultural riches. They consistently show up in pictures from our family holiday, standing tall and straight as if time had stopped for them.

Everyone has access to some of the most beautiful sculptures in existence. These sculptures have survived for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years for a number of reasons. For instance, because they are made of stone, they can endure everything.

Even if they are beautiful, we will still play with them. Nobody can help but take photographs of sculptures, especially if they can figure out a way to blend themselves into the work of art. To see this, all you need to do is use your imagination.

However, not everyone is so serious when it comes to snapping photos with statues, and others plainly do it for fun. In fact, people having fun with statues and sculptures are the focus of a full Twitter account called “Funny Statue.”

Below is a collection of amusing photos that show how creative individuals can be when having fun. The statues are taking selfies, thrashing the helpless tourists, and shaving their underarms.

#1 Cute kids

#2 He’s gonna punch him!

#3 Yay! Fun time’s here or, nayyyy, help me?

#4 Alrighty then

#5 Okay…

#6 Can you hear me?

#7 Naughty lady

#8 This photo is so funny

#9 High five

#10 That’s not a very nice thing to do! Poor guy was just enjoying the view.

#11 That’s exactly how you should pose with this cow statues.

#12 This is hilarious! I’m glad this guy kept his pants, LOL.

#13   When you can’t afford a real dentist…

#14 This guy decided to become this statue’s baby.

#15 So much drama!

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