30 Funniest Gym Moments In The History Of Mankind

Now don’t start planning to deliver your favorite meals. We fully perceive how difficult it’s going to be. In addition, no one has stated that letting go of FOOD is the only technique to keep the party and believe in us, that we are not even able to think about giving up McDonald’s so much. That’s precisely why we love going to the health club which could be a gold health club, crunch health club or maybe a CrossFit health club. You guessed it right; our mantra is: ‘Eat, burn, repeat’!

Now we have come across all kinds of people within the health club, from health-crazed loops to those who simply want to burn that more fat earned during the holiday season. There are times when fellow gym attendees make us laugh a little too hard. Some try to impress a lady (which is less annoying), some occupy a house number after which there are those who make it improper!!

Learn how to look for the most fun health club moments shared by 30 of our Redditors!!

While it’s true that we should not judge our fellow gym-goers. After all, everyone is there with the common goal to get in shape, better themselves, and stay healthy. Sometimes, and more often than you’d expect, you will run into some bizarre behavior while pumping iron and no one can blame you for looking twice.

We aren’t sure why but sometimes the gym brings out the strangest in us and inspires oddball characters to come out of the woodwork. And we have to admit that sometimes these strange moments deserve to be captured by nearby camera phones. Here’s our collection of some of the most unexpected moments seen at the gym.

Well, this is a forced perspective at its finest. At first glance, it looks like this blonde bombshell has been hitting the gym hard and her arms basically weigh more than the rest of her body combined. Not the look that most female bodybuilders go for but hey, all the power to her.

If you look again, however, you’ll notice that in reality, she has her arms held behind her back, and a fellow gym-goer, who we can only assume to be a man, is flexing behind her. Man or woman, those arm muscles are terrifyingly large.This girl clearly came to the gym that day to put in work. She has her fashionably bright pink Nike’s on and her coordinated pastel activewear to match. But while she’s dressed like a pro, the way she is using this machine has raised some contention.

Sure, she isn’t the first one to use this machine like this. Some say it’s a great way to work the hamstrings and glutes. Other gym buffs however might tell you that this puts too much stress on your knees. They recommend using the machine the other way around to work the quads. Although something tells us no one will pass that advice to her.

Ok, so this wannabe gymnast seems to have bitten off more than she can chew, and sadly she has realized that way too late. She is mid-air and is not even trying to hide her sheer look of panic. We can only hope the landing is less disastrous than she is expecting.

However, we are not feeling too optimistic. When considering how high her feet have managed to fly behind her, it seems the momentum behind this trick is going to lead the poor girl into a hard fall. But who knows, maybe she will surprise us all and give it a flawless landing.
What’s more challenging than barbell squats at the gym? How about barbell squats at the gym with stiletto heels on? Now that’s a challenge we do not recommend trying. But clearly, this woman has the strength and the skills to get it done with ease.

We would really like to hear the back story behind her choice of footwear. Is she training to be a secret agent that needs to be able to fight the bad guys at any moment’s notice? Or maybe she’s a dancer that needs to bust a move in her heels on a daily basis. The possible scenarios when trying to explain this are endless.

A Bit Overdressed

Sure, everyone has a right to wear whatever they want for their workout, within reason, but we never expected anyone to look this formal when pumping iron. She looks like she’s dressed up to meet someone for dinner and drinks.

Maybe she just wanted to let out some nerves before meeting her date. She could have at least taken off those killer stilettos though. Those things look unsafe for any given activity let alone during a workout. But maybe that’s just us.

Taking Leg Day Seriously

These guys were not about to skip leg day and they mean serious business. Judging by their expressions, it looks like just a typical day at the gym for them but clearly these swoll dudes are ready to leave it all on the gym floor. How this guy expects to be able to walk after his last set is beyond us.

This has got to be some sort of world record right? The weights piled on there are too many to even count and look like an accident waiting to happen. We can only hope that these guys follow gym etiquette and re-rack every single one of those weights.

The King of Morale

Anyone who’s ever played Nintendo Mario Kart will recognize this guy’s creative get up as Lakitu. For those that don’t know him by name, his is the cute little turtle that flys in on his equally adorable cloud to drop “Spinies,” holds up signs, and notifies racers of their final lap.

This gym goer decided he wanted to take his Nintendo fandom with him to the gym and used it to motivate runners on the track to finish their workout strong. We wonder if he actually worked out himself or he simply came to the gym to show off his DIY costume.

When Old Demons Follow You

This Planet Fitness is situated in an unfortunate location. When the sun is out, it hits the nearby Mcdonalds sign just right so its shadow is reflecting directly onto the gyms building. And we all know how tempting that bright yellow M can be.

This is the ultimate test as gym goers must pass that building and avoid turning around or indulging in a post workout treat that would completely eliminate any potential gains. All they have to do is ignore the looming threat of greasy deliciousness while they make their way inside. No big deal right?

Workouts with Bruno

Here we have YouTuber Naomi Jade in the midst of her workout with her french bulldog named Bruno. Their workout consisted of burpees, sit-ups, squats, planks, push-ups, lunges, and shuttle runs. Bruno is only nine-months-old but he already has a ton of cool tricks.

While it was clear throughout the workout that Bruno was solely in it for the doggy treats, he still managed to complete his own four-legged rendition of each exercise. And as you might imagine, it’s an adorable sight to see.

Questionable Attire

We can probably all agree that wearing a spandex onesie to the gym is bold in itself. But nevertheless, this trainer decided to take it one step further and not only wear a onesie but also wear one which features the face of a grey and white tabby cat.

The expression on this woman’s face says it all. Her eyes are saying what we are all thinking. We wonder if this guy lost a bet or maybe his girlfriend gifted this to him and he had no choice but to wear it out. Or maybe, just maybe, this is actually him expressing his true style. If so, all the power to him.

Multitasking at Its Finest

This guy knew he needed to get a workout in today but he just wasn’t willing to take himself away from his game of Citizen 5. So he found the best solution and he is burning calories all while declaring a virtual war. Sounds like quite a productive day to us.

While some of us might listen to music to pass the time doing cardio, this gamer discovered a new life hack. Any fellow Civ 5 fan can agree that time seems to fly by when you’re playing this game. He probably doesn’t even realize how much time has passed since he started his cardio workout.

Never Too Old

According to our sources, the woman pictured here is 82 year old Jean and she just got done breaking her deadlift 1RM personal record by lifting 153 pounds. If that doesn’t motivate you to hit the gym, then we aren’t sure what will.

It really is never too late to start taking care of your body. And it’s people like Jean that exemplify just how important it is to keep reaching for the stars. Even at the age of 82, she continues to turn up at her gym and keeps pushing her personal record higher and higher. Now that’s determination.

Diehard Wingman

Who says parakeets can’t make the perfect gym buddies? This little guy is working on his fitness right next to his friend and he is offering as much motivation as any fellow human would. Sometimes all you need is a good wingman to get you into shape.

But something tells us he’s not there for moral support. As we know from the Discovery Channel, birds are all about their looks and are known to flaunt their feathers when trying to attract a mate. Guess we aren’t that different after all.

Extreme Daddy Daycare

Becoming a parent often times means having to sacrifice personal time. Which can often lead to less time spent at the gym. For this new dad however, he was not willing to let that trend apply to him. Although he was on baby duty, he still managed to get his workout in.

Talk about multitasking. Not only is he teaching his baby what hard work looks like, but he is also doing everything he can to prevent the typical “dad bod.” We just hope he is taking all the necessary precautions because this admittedly does not look that safe.

Elite Level Spinner

This cyclist looks like he belongs on the road instead of at the gym. Maybe his bike got stolen and he is trying to fill the void until he gets a new one or maybe its winter and he just can’t wait until spring comes along to suit up in his kit again.

Either way, with those bike shorts, clips and long sleeved jersey, he definitely looks like he is taking this gym session a bit too seriously. The helmet especially seems a bit overkill. Now all he needs is someone to yell at him from the sides to simulate angry drivers on the road.

A Little Too Comfortable

We are all for feeling confident in your own skin but certain situations do call for a touch more modesty than exemplified by this confident gym goer. It appears this guy either just got out of the pool since all he seems to have on are his swim trunks and a towel.

We aren’t sure what this gyms policy is on no shirts and no shoes, but something tells us that its frowned upon. Not only that, but it kind of seems like he is just there to catch up on some local news and is not even trying to work out. Now there’s got to be a rule against that.

Immediate Satisfaction

This girl might have completely missed the point of going to the gym. Not only is she wearing jeans while she does her cardio workout, she is also eating vanilla soft serve as she goes. I guess her logic is that the calories going in are immediately being burnt off?

Either that or she is just trolling all those working out around her. She knows how ridiculous she looks and she dares anyone to say something to her. Hopefully she did not tempt any of the gym’s visitors to turn around and get some ice cream instead.

A Natural Born Gymnast

Keeping a slight arch in your back when doing a bench press is actually recommended. This is what will allow you to use your upper back muscles to keep your shoulder blades stable. Doing this is not only safer but it also enhances performance.

That being said, we aren’t sure what this guy is doing qualifies as a slight arch. We would be more accurate to call what he is doing an all-out backbend. Maybe he should consider taking up gymnastics. Or he can just go ahead and call up Cirque du Soleil to see if they are recruiting.

Flexing Those Sleep Muscles

As the person filming this sleeping man wisely stated, “This is why people have to eat or sleep when they come to the gym, because this is the side effect.” This guy clearly did not have enough energy for a decent workout. He fell asleep right on the equipment.

And he looks so peaceful, it seems nobody wanted to wake him up. Oh well, sometimes the body needs what it needs and the best you can do is listen and oblige. Hopefully, after this guy’s much needed R&R he will actually get a decent workout in.

Thor Forgot Something

Most fitness enthusiasts tend to have an ideal body goal that they work towards while putting time in at the gym. And for many, that goal sometimes resembles superheroes we see on TV like Superman and more recently, Thor, the god of thunder.

In the Marvel films, Thor is played by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. And Hemsworth definitely puts the work in to emulate the god. Don’t believe us? Well, there are plenty of shirtless pics online to prove our point. It seems someone is taking his body goals to another level by literally using Thor’s hammer to get in shape. Hey if it helps, who are we to judge?

Using His Head

Most machines have helpful instructions on how to use them accompanied with images that those just starting their fitness journey can easily understand and mimic. It seems this guy didn’t get the memo however since he clearly has no idea how to use this machine.

Instead of asking an employee for assistance, he decided to improvise and use his head…literally. Maybe this is offering him a good neck workout? Or maybe this is a neck injury just waiting to happen? Regardless, we do not recommend trying his method out on your next gym visit.

Just Taking a Catnap

Sometimes after a hard set all you want to do is lay down and cuddle up for a good nap. Ideally though, you will have the stamina to finish your workout first and wait until you get home to do so. Seems like this guy just wasn’t having that logic and started his post workout R&R right on the machine.

We can only hope that other people aren’t waiting to use this machine because that would just be breaking all rules of gym etiquette. Judging by the smug look on his face, he knows exactly what he’s doing. We can’t remember ever feeling this relaxed while lifting weights.

Celebrating In Style

This woman’s trainer could not help but take a photo of his client as she celebrated her 99th birthday. With a martini in hand and ready and just finishing up her workout, this woman definitely makes 99 look better than ever.

We can only hope to be half as fierce when we reach her age. Good for her for continuing to take care of her body and to keep celebrating each year in style. We can’t imagine what other celebrations this woman has in store for the rest of her special day.

Mr. Potato Head Getting Fit

Who knew that Mr. Potato Head from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story also wants to get in shape, just like the rest of us. I mean who can blame him, nobody wants to be a couch potato their whole life. We are sure that Mrs. Potato Head is proud of him for finally getting to the gym.

In all seriousness though, who in the world is this guy who showed up to the gym in this costume? He should get an award for the most ironic gym attire. Who knows? Maybe he has an interview coming up to work at Disneyland theme park and wants to make sure he arrives in tip-top shape.

New Technique?

This guy is either very confused or for all we know he is a complete genius who just invented a brand new exercise. Maybe this is the key to mastering the head stand? Maybe he is training for the next local b-boy competition? The possibilities of what is happening here are literally endless.

We are honestly surprised that a manager or trainer has not asked him to come down yet. The machine he is on is actually meant to be used right side up and it is meant to work the arms and back muscles, just like when doing a pull up.

Lifting with The Big Dogs

What is it with french bulldogs and taking over local gyms? It’s like they can’t resist the smell of stainless steel and sweaty humans. Whatever it is, we are happy its the case because their obsession always seems to result in adorable photos like this one.

This little guy does not appear to be visiting. On the contrary, he looks like he owns the place and you do not want to get on his bad side. And If you want to use the barbell, you’re going to have to ask for permission first. He might be tiny, but he sure looks mighty.

The News Waits for No One

Sometimes you just can’t afford waiting until after your workout to read the lastest headlines. After-all, you wouldn’t want to seem uninformed during locker room talk right? We can’t judge this guy for multitasking like a pro. People read on the treadmill on the time so what’s the difference right?

Our only wonder is if he is actually working out or just has his legs comfortably perched up on the machine and is having some chill time at the gym. As long as no one is waiting for the gym, we guess there’s no harm in that.

When Spotify Doesn’t Cut It

Now that is what we call motivational. We can only hope that the marching band visiting this gym is playing “Eye of The Tiger” so the guy on the treadmill can fully imagine himself in a workout montage. It really looks like they are playing just for him, and after some further investigation, this seems to be the case.

According to a source on Reddit, the guy running on the treadmill is actually the drum major of this marching band. They are the marching band for Penn State University in State College Pennsylvania and boy are they dedicated to their craft.

Questionable Active Wear

While this isn’t the outfit that we would recommend wearing to your next workout, we can’t help but recognize her confidence. If going to the gym and staying in shape is all about loving yourself and your body, then we guess she’s doing just that.

That being said, this definitely does not look like the most comfortable active wear. With pants that low and and a leotard so high up, we don’t see how this was the best option for some quality time on the treadmill. Maybe it’s laundry day at her house.

Do It for the Gram

No matter what gym you go to and what time of day you go, there is always at least one person there taking selfies of themselves in their active wear. Sometimes they are barely even there to exercise and simply came to look the part and show off on social media.

Well that is definitely not the case here. He is working hard and he wants to make sure the whole world will see it. Or at least his helpful gym buddy does. Both of them were willing to go to all lengths to get that perfect photo, even if it means adding a few extra pounds into the mix.

Baby Gains

This little guy is way beyond his years. He might have just learned to crawl but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to start working on his gains at the gym. And by the looks of it, he can already lift more than us. Something tells us this kid’s parents have high expectations for their little one.

To make the photo even more oddly adorable than it already is, the little guy is even wearing his bib which appears to claim that he is “just like daddy.” This only proves our theory right that his parents have his future as a bodybuilder etched in stone.

When Your Cable’s Down

Looks like this is what happens in the free weight room when nobody’s watching. This group of seemingly hardcore gym goers told their partners that they are at the gym putting in work. However, it looks like plans changed pretty quick as soon as the race came on.

It almost looks like they are competing in some sort of mannequin challenge circa 2016. Not a single person has diverted their focus from the screen. Who knew so many people would be this intrigued by Track & Field.

Refuelling on the Go

Sometimes there’s no time to fuel up for a hard workout so that calls from some quick improvisation. And while most opt to go for a smoothie or energy bar in these cases, this guy went a different direction. With no time to prepare in advance, he decided the easiest solution was to order a pizza.

Personally eating pizza and working out is not a combination that we would want to mess with, but this guy seems to know what he’s doing. Time must be especially of the essence on this day since he didn’t even spare a minute to finish his slice before starting the workout.

Working Hard or Hardly Working

It seems this girl wants us to believe that she just got done with a killer workout and is just resting in between sets. She even has boxing gloves situated next to her for good measure. But she’s not fooling anyone. We know a nap when we see one and this girl is in full-on nap mode.

With her legs propped up and face hiding from any judgmental glares, this girl is without a care in the world. She even has the audacity to use a core bag as a pillow. We just hope she manages to wake up before closing time. That would make for an awkward encounter with the janitor.

Social Media Time

Busted! These girls might be at the gym but they clearly aren’t there to work. Each has their phone in hand and is just chilling on the gym equipment as if they were 8th graders at the mall. One girl doesn’t even bother pretending like she’s there to work out.

She has found her spot to relax on the windowsill and it doesn’t look like she plans to leave anytime soon. Oh well, at least the gym is a safe place for these high schoolers to hang out without getting into any trouble. We have no doubt in the world that a cute gym selfie will result from this hangout as well.

Is This Thing On?

We have got to give this guy credit for making the effort. At least we want to believe he is trying to work out rather than assume he is just fooling around. That being said, we aren’t sure how much he is going to get from this improvised exercise.

There are many different ways you can utilize these inflatable exercise balls, namely for effective core and leg workouts. Pilates instructors often use them throughout their classes. It doesn’t seem like he has got the hang of it though. But what do we know, maybe he just invented the next big fitness craze.

A Delicious Workout

Joining our list of people who seem to have gotten lost and ended up at the gym, is this dude who is straight-up eating takeout on the machine. He has zero care in the world as he chows down on his dinner, not even taking notice of how out of place he looks.

It’s kind of hard to believe that he even plans to workout after this meal. That does not look like a light snack. We can only hope that whatever he is eating is not leaving any tempting smells for the people who are actually trying to work out.

Tall People Problems

Here’s a photo that only tall people will understand. The struggle is real for this guy who just wanted to get his cardio on but was faced with a bit of a hurdle. Some people might have used this as an excuse to go home but not this guy.

He is carrying on with the workout, even with his head literally in the ceiling. Who knows, maybe he is a super introvert and this is the best thing that’s ever happened to him at the gym. We can only hope there’s no asbestos up there.

Never Skip Neck Day

While some people stress that you should never skip leg day, this gym member is adamant that neck day is the way to go. To anyone passing by, it’s pretty clear to see that this is not the intended use of this machine. In reality it’s meant to work the leg muscles.

Instead this guy has chosen to use it as some sort of complicated neck strengthening machine. Which is not a muscle we would have thought about working on. If it works for him though then all the power to him. He is going to be flaunting that fit neck around any day now.

Runaway Bride

Every former bride knows the struggle of trying to get in shape for their big day. You ordered your dress a few sizes smaller confident that you were going to trim down. And before you know it, the wedding is around the corner and you still have to work off those extra pounds.

This blushing bride has taken that dilemma to a whole other level. She is working that treadmill up until the very last minute when she is expected to walk down the aisle. At least she managed to get the dress on, now she just needs to make some room for champagne and dinner.

Comfort Zone

This guy might be working hard at the gym but his choice of shoes definitely says otherwise. He looks more ready to Netflix and chill than he is to bench and press. This must have been an early morning workout that he barely managed to get out of bed for.

Huge props to his friends for convincing him to get out of the house and into the gym. Granted they probably had little say in his attire. We don’t even think these shoes are safe to wear when lifting weights. Hopefully, he doesn’t learn that the hard way.

Baby On Board

Who knew bringing babies to the gym was such a common practice. Something tells us that this little cutie’s mom has no idea this is what daddy meant when he said he could take care of the baby for a few hours. Somebody get this baby a helmet.

This looks so unsafe, we can’t even look without cringing. The baby doesn’t seem to mind though. He or she is having a ball, cheering on dad and enjoying the ride as he shows off his muscles. Look’s like we have a fitness enthusiast in the making here.

Working off Those Big Macs

Workout outfits tend to vary from person to person. While some prefer to wear skintight spandex and leggings, others prefer loose t-shirts or breathable wife beaters. For this heavy lifter, he took his activewear to a whole other place.

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