30 “Unwritten Rules Of Life” Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Specific rules we follow every day are not documented in books or authorized by law. They are not taught in schools or universities. There is no course you can partake in to learn them. These unwritten and unspoken rules are also known as “common sense.” Common sense is the knowledge that all humans have, yet, everyone has a varying degree of it. While some acquire this knowledge easily or early in life, others need to go through specific experiences to develop a good sense and judgment.

While some might think there is nothing wrong with blasting the music out loud on public transport, others would find it inappropriate and inconsiderate. And the latter are the ones with common sense. It’s being aware of your surroundings and respecting other people. Very often, common sense involves having good manners. Scroll down below for some of the unwritten rules of life people have shared.


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Always let people out before walking in. This applies to elevators, trains, or anything similar.


Never refuse when someone offers you a breath mint

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Pay people back before they have to ask you to.


The first time visiting someone’s place you bring something. Anything. Bottle of wine, six-pack, food, origami penguin. Something.

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If someone is giving you a ride, be ready before the person arrives to pick you up.


Never say something to someone you love that you can’t recover from in the heat of an argument. You love that person for a reason.

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Don’t bother someone with headphones in unless it’s important. They have headphones in for a reason.


If you’re in someone else’s home/car/yard- Anything of someone else’s, ASK before you do something. No, I don’t want you smoking in my car. I don’t want you feeding my dog food from the table. Just stop.

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When I show you a singular picture on my phone, don’t ever try to swipe left or right.


Especially to your kids, don’t make promises you can’t keep. Also, don’t ever threaten to do something you can’t or won’t follow up on.

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Don’t play your music out loud when in public.

For example: While walking down the street or sitting on a bus one should not be blasting music on their personal device. Buy a pair of damn headphones.


Always tell a girl if she’s bled through on her period.

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For women: always have an extra pad or tampon on you. You never know when another woman might desperately need it. You may not like her, but this is your one exception to be nice. We’ve all been there.


Don’t touch another person’s hair just because you think it’s pretty.

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Never ever make fun of someone who is overweight at the gym.


When letting cars into traffic, you let one then you go, just keep alternating.

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You having a bad day doesn’t mean that you have to ruin other people’s day.


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If someone comes up to you that you don’t know starts loudly talking about being your friend you play along


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Be patient with the elderly unless they’re being [jerks]


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Never ask a woman if she’s pregnant


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Maintain personal hygiene regularly


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If you’re going to ask someone to help you move, please have all the boxes already packed and ready to go.


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Don’t wear white to a wedding, and don’t propose at someone’s wedding. I’m sure this sucks to hear, but that is not your day. Don’t be a d*ck.


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If someone clearly doesn’t want to talk to you or needs to be somewhere else, let them be.


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Be the person your dog thinks you are.


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If you borrow a friend’s car, fill up the tank when returning it as a thank you.


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Leave it better than you found it.


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Don’t [frigging] cheat on your SO. It’s not cool. If you wanna f**k someone else, break up with your SO first instead of being a secretive c**t.

Happens way too often.


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Chew with your mouth closed.


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Common sense ain’t that common, so explain things in the simplest manner you possibly can.

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