Yoga Expectation Vs Reality – 30 Photos

Yoga is a spiritual tradition that began in India about 5,000 years ago. Regular practice of yoga helps people to improve their balance and stamina. Although you won’t get out of breath like you might while doing any other cardio exercises but, it does help to keep your heart healthy and work on your flexibility and strength.

Now, a tradition as ancient and beautiful as yoga comes with a certain level of implied expectations and the Mexican artist Adriana Rodríguez León knows this all too well.

Adriana started practicing yoga when she fell ill in February 2017 and her doctor advised that she needed to exercise to improve her health. After some time, she decided to draw the instructor pose and herself in the background, kinda like expectation vs. reality and posted them on her Instagram under the name “scarletadrianne”.  With over 83k followers, she’s becoming quite famous on her social media. Scroll on to see some of our favorite drawings from her collection and enjoy peeps!

More info: Instagram

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