6 Style Lessons We Learned From the Gorgeous Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is much more than a good actress for many people. All of her efforts to improve the world demonstrate that she actually has a golden heart. Apart from her unselfish commitment to philanthropy, this stunning lady has a few fashion tips to share with us. We can’t take our gaze away from her whether she’s coming at the Academy Awards or merely walking down the street to get some groceries.

Angelina Jolie’s legs appear longer when she wears nude pumps.

Angelina Jolie like nude-hued shoes, whether they’re beige high-heeled pumps she wears with evening gowns or beige slippers she wears on vacation. The idea is simple yet brilliant: wearing nude shoes makes your legs appear longer by merging in with your skin colour. To make it work, choose shoes that are closest in colour to your skin’s natural tone.

She opts for black, white, and pastel clothes.

The hue of the garments Jolie wears is another trick to being the best dressed at each occasion. She rarely wears vibrant and rich hues. She prefers to wear black and white classics or grey, beige, and pastel-colored ensembles. These colours bring out Jolie’s innate beauty and make her look put-together in any situation.

Angelina Jolie understands the term “power clothing.”

Angelina Jolie is the epitome of power dressing, which is defined as clothing in a way that allows a woman to assert her influence in the business, professional, and political arenas of life. In the worlds of power, politics, and business, Jolie understands how to create the proper impression. She dresses elegantly in skirts and pantsuits and pairs them with simple accessories to attain her objectives. She wears this look to red carpet occasions as well, but substitutes enticing silk blouses for business-like coats.

She discovered the greatest cosmetic looks for her.

A thin winged eyeliner, light and dark smokey eyes, extraordinarily long lashes, and healthy glowing complexion are among Angelina Jolie’s preferred cosmetic techniques. Scarlet red, berry red, brilliant pink, and coral are among her signature lipstick hues. Jolie’s signature look is a mix of glowing complexion, red lips, smokey eyes, and slightly dishevelled hair that turns her into a show-stopper wherever she goes.

She wears jewellery to draw attention to her beautiful features.

Jolie prefers to wear exquisite and minimalist earrings in everyday life and for business events, but when it comes to red carpet appearances, she prefers to wow with something absolutely spectacular. She typically wears lengthy earrings with her evening gowns to highlight the shape of her eyes and make her neck appear even longer. The actress stunned the audience at the 2009 Academy Awards when she wore massive pear-shaped emerald earrings (the left photo above).

But that wasn’t the only time Jolie’s accessory choices made headlines. The actress made headlines in 2021 when she walked the red carpet with an odd item – a gilded chin cuff.

She got her perfect evening gown.

Jolie’s preferred red carpet gown style is perhaps best described as “a Greek goddess.” The actress favours long outfits that accentuate her slim figure. Empire waist dresses, one-shoulder gowns with clasped waist folds, sheer chiffon overlays, and gowns embellished with crystals and stones are examples. Jolie has worn a wide range of fabrics and hues on the red carpet throughout the years, but this “Greek goddess” silhouette appears to have never left her closet.

Would you like to include any of these fashion tips into your daily routine? What is your favourite style of clothing and why?

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