Best Photos Sent To Us This Week (20 December 2020)

We want to show our appreciation for our members by featuring some of the best photos that we receive in our group (@votreART ) and in the messages on our facebook page each week, it is so nice to see people are actually interested and love nature and want to share that with others.

# “A bird in the hand…” as the saying goes!

Sent to us by Erica Prothero.

# A fascinating tiny world out there…

Sent to us by Erica Prothero.

# A peaceful spot.

Sent to us by Elsa Cancino.

# Beautiful forest colors…

Sent to us by Tom van Huet. (tvh_photography)

# “Close up. She’s so pretty!”

Sent to us by Elsa Cancino.

# Found a friend… so beautiful…

Sent to us by Sarah Munster.

# Gracious landing…

Sent to us by Benjáme Ledbroux.

# Night sky…

Sent to us by Tobias Bringmann. (_hvedrungr_)

# Proud momma.

Sent to us by Christine S. Vitello.

# “Saw this big boy chasing some does when he stopped to check me out. Yeah buddy, sorry, I was checking you out first! White-tailed buck.”

Sent to us by Tammy Lee.

# “This is what I saw when I looked up my tree,  lol.”

Sent to us by Elsa Cancino.

# “This love heart-shaped tree amazes me every time I see it. Had to take another photo yesterday. Got to love nature!”

Sent to us by Martin Agg.

# “This morning’s walk to work was glorious.” Botley, Oxfordshire.

Sent to us by Lucie Johnson.

# Yellow

Sent to us by Christine S. Vitello.

# “Young raccoon, playing in the tree with its siblings. Caught him just as he climbed up.”

Sent to us by Tammy Lee.

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