Comic’s Artist Perfectly Illustrate The Silly Situations We Face Everyday

Eirinnske, a comic artist has been able to capture and illustrate all the silly awkward situations that we face in our daily lives.  She started creating comics since she was a kid, she started writing about how much she wanted a dog then. When she started high school, she started relating that high school drama in her comics, writing about the boys she had crushes on, she continued it until she graduated.

After that, she stopped with the comics for a while, “I can’t put my finger on why exactly, but I lost focus on a lot of things I loved in my late teens,” said the artist.

However, she eventually got back to it when a local bar was ghosting a Halloween competition where people could submit their comics. Erinnske decided to enter, and she turned out to be the winner with her creepy comic about a dentist pulling out an unwilling patient’s teeth. There she regained her love for comics and the rest is history.

You can check out below some of her comics with her special green-haired character.

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