Digital Artist Adds Different Characters To Movie Scenes And It Actually Makes Things Better

Every movie has an epic scene that really sticks in the mind and this Hungarian digital artist took some of the most unforgettable movie scenes and tweaked them a little. Known by the name Pixelfaker on social media, he edits photos of the most iconic film scenes by adding unrelated characters from other movies. And the results are incredibly hilarious.

His work includes Forrest Gump running with the Avengers, Iron Man replacing the Tinman in The Wizard of Oz, Ace Ventura dancing with the Joker in the famous staircase scene, Spiderman hanging with Sylvester Stallone in a Cliffhanger scene and more. Pixelfaker, as the name suggests, edits photos of movie scenes to create the most ambitious crossovers of popular movie characters. And we can’t help but imagine, what if they did really happen?


Digital artist edits photos of memorable movie scenes by adding characters from other movies


Pixelfaker knows the best way to make the impossible crossovers possible.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Mr. Bean was in Mad Max? Or what if The Hulk played the Beast in Beauty and the Beast? We may never know, but at least we can imagine. But, you can follow Pixelfaker on Instagram to see all of his edited creations. All we can say is, something out-of-place has never looked this perfect.




This scene just got even more iconic!






This Toy Story and Chucky crossover is amazing and it is perfect for horror fans.




We love this crossover, it seems like Remy is trying to save himself and his cheese!




This is a scary situation for Marlin and Dory


Check out this iconic duo

Source: Instagram

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