FaceApp Filter Allows You To See What You’ll Look Like 60 Years From Now.

Ever wondered what you’ll look like when you’re really old? Well, we all have, we look completely different from what we looked like when we were little kids. And we’ll be looking completely different when we’re really old. Thanks to modern technology, this FaceApp filter now lets you see how you would actually look when you’re really old. So, why not use this app to take a look at how would the celebrities look like when they’re old?

This FaceApp filter can show you what you’ll look like 60 years from now!

1. At least he looks better when he is old because right now, it is really painful to have a look at his not-so-appealing face.

2. This is how Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse would look like if they ever had a chance to grow old.

3. Here’s a man who wanted to actually try the app out and see whether he would age gracefully!

4. Whoa, that is way too early to make him see what he would look like 60 years from now.

5. Well, not what we were expecting, but Justin Bieber doesn’t look so bad 60 years from now.

6. Now, this man knows how to age, I bet Keanu Reeves would even more handsome than what the app is predicting.

7. Ryan Gosling getting old is not what the girls would want, but you can’t deny that he looks hot even asana old guy.

8. John Legend looks as adorable as ever with this Filter on. And we bet he would be one hell of a charming old man.

9. Barack Obama looks like the Granpa that we all hope to have, he looks really cute as an oldie!
FaceApp filter
10. Not that we ever want our Britney to get old, but I guess beauty becomes her as she grows old.
FaceApp Filter
11. The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson still looks like he could give all the young men a run for their money.
FaceApp filter
12. Elijah Wood looks really like an elf from The Lord Of The Rings.
FaceApp filter
13. Will Smith, though it is highly unlikely that this man will ever look this old, but he looks as dashing as ever!

14. Billie Eilish 60 years from now.

15. Whoa, Lady Gaga is still gonna look fabulous even as an old woman.
FaceApp filter

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