This Online Community Celebrates Attempts That Have Gone Wrong, Here Are 30 Of The Funniest

You will not succeed if you do not try in the first place. And failing is proof that you’re doing something. You will not reach your goal on the first try, but once you do, you’ll look back on your failures and just chuckle.

Though there are attempts in life that are worth noticing, not because they’re inspiring, but because they’re funny. That’s why a subreddit was dedicated to these attempts. Below, we compiled 30 of the most hilarious fails from the subreddit.

More info: Reddit

#1 To Translate A Business Sign

Image source: CaulkADewDillDue

#2 To Beat A Breath Test

Image source: omgitsmint

#3 To Draw A Front Facing Horse

Image source: Jaych1990

#4 To Sound A Little Fancy

Image source: chinmaysharma1230

#5 To Look Tall

Image source: eZstah

#6 To Remain Anonymous

Image source: Snadams

#7 To Support The “Canada First” Rally

Image source: CowboyTrout

#8 At Wholesome Positivity

Image source: scot816

#9 To Get Dressed

Image source: ButterflyMore9267

#10 To Spell The Word ‘ Trust ‘

Image source: asocial7193

#11 To Cook Smiley Buns

Image source: samir391

#12 To Look Dangerous

Image source: Careful-Day7125

#13 To Not Pay The Painter

Image source: EpsteinsPoolBoy

#14 To Fly To New York

Image source: bostero2

#15 To Help

Image source: THE_VOLK87

#16 To Prevent Employees From Discussing Wages

Image source: KeyAdministration900

#17 To Give The Dog A Pool

Image source: NickWrightData

#18 To Hide His Face

Image source: Onion-User-2

#19 To Appreciate Your Employees

Image source: bassaleh

#20 To Make Things Complicated

Image source: Go_ask_quan

#21 To Send A Text

Image source: cooooorn

#22 To Make Sure Everyone Knew They Were Religious

Image source: suckmydicktracy

#23 To Make A Cute Panorama Picture

Image source: GuardedInstructor

#24 To Find A Good Excuse

Image source: Crimsonslash1352

#25 To Eat A Muffin

Image source: psychocalcifer

#26 To Stop Allie From Sitting On The Cake

Image source: Scaulbylausis

#27 To Talk To Teenagers

Image source: Pig_Benis_was_taken

#28 To Hack A Smartphone

Image source: Varg03

#29 To Produce Tears During The Act Of “Crying”

Image source: Revolutionary_Town21

#30 To Help Wheelchair Users

Image source: -D3lta-

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