10 Comics That Reveal The Dark Reality Around Us

We often get ignore the things that are not important to us even if that means the whole life for someone else. There are things that we as a human society totally eliminate and act inhumanely to. Day by day we are becoming less human and worse as we spoil the relationships and people, by bullying them or by playing games with their minds. We Hurt so many people with our words sometimes and we don’t even realize that until its too late. These illustrations show us the dark reality that our society has become and how we are ignorant to it.

The tricks

You should stop playing tricks on other people and be more realistic and straightforward. When you act pervertly you become an evil person no one wants to be with, when you are a good person at heart you are automatically liked by the others.

The evil eye

The evil eyes always follow the good looks. “Good” according to the society and this is why you should not pay attention to the looks but to the heart. If you only drool over someones looks like a pervert you become less human.

The difference

Everyone possess different bodies and none of them realizes that what they have is the best, the most unique as everyone is different. And some people are just grumpy all the time because they cannot get what they idolize without working out on it.

The mind full of crap

When people talk about opinions, they in a way inspire you to think similarly and it acts like brainwash for you and this is why what they feed us we make it eat it and become as dumb as they are.

Sometimes success blinds us

Success only blinds us when we are proud of it and we don’t realize that who care for them and guides them and only look for those who praise them even for their bad habits.

The temptations

Everyone has a temptation and people should know how to better yourself without it. Having bad temptations is quite as bad as committing sins. You should focus on yourself and not drool over others.

Money purchases truth

People are often seen lying and hiding the truth only because they are hungry for money and that is something that makes us inhuman, and injustice overtakes everywhere.

The nearing future

If we keep on wasting our resources and harming the mother nature we are sure to lose the battle with it. As what we throw comes back to us. It is like karma, if you hurt the mother nature now, she will take revenge sooner or later.

The smartphones vs books

The books nowadays have lost its value to smartphones in a humans priority list and that should bother you, it is not good to use social network all day wasting time on monitoring other peoples lives instead of focussing on yourself and making yourself better.

Leap Of Faith

There are many times when you are tested when you are needed to make that decision when you have to take the leap of faith or you should back off. It is on you what you choose to decide.

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