10 Images That Looked At The World From A Different Angle

This world is an amazing place. You get to see new things on daily basis. To continue that tradition, we have amalgamated 10 photos the show you the world in a different light altogether. Some of these are freakishly hilarious!

Man Stockings

Have you ever heard of man stockings?? Well, if you haven’t, we have a practical example for you. Look at this one. Man stockings for you!

Game of Shadows

You must’ve watched game of thrones and here we are giving you a chance to exclusively see Game of Shadows. Well, raise your hand if you thought that it was a painting because we thought so too. But no, it is a real photo.

The Dancing Bird

Have you ever wanted to fly high in the air and dance between the clouds? Well, this bird is living your life I guess! Looks extremely free, right?

Chinese Art

Someone found this smeared paint on the window of a vacant store and they thought that its a classical Chinese watercolor painting or a horse. Is it? What are your views on it?

Ohh My God

After looking at this photo, the only think we care about is this girls reaction when she must’ve seen this photo. Is there a way to find that out?

Not A Painting

Again, this isn’t a painting even though it looks like one. It is an orange that has been photographed through the glass panes of a greenhouse.

A Smiling Door

Have you ever met a smiling door? If not here’s your chance! In this moment, this door seems to be happier then all the humans collectively on earth

The Curvy Tale

Okay, maybe this girl is way too flexible but even then, this doesn’t look like a possibility. How is she doing this? Chill, there’s somebody over her with their face hidden!

This View

The only place in the world where the view from the window looks like a painting is Florence, Italy.

A Future Globe ?

We first thought that it was a universe and our second guess was that it must be voodoo water where we can see future but unfortunately its none of the above just an artistic paint. Looks too good, doesn’t it?

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