10 Maternity Dresses These Celebrities Should Never Have Worn

There are many celebrities who take weirdness to get more fame. While some of them are just there living their lives but the paparazzi judge them in that effortless wardrobe too! When a woman is pregnant she usually dresses up with gowns so that her body is fully covered and her baby bump is not seen. The body of a woman, while she is pregnant, goes through a lot of transformation which is why she needs to take care of her dressing as well and that is why they should dress comfy. But if she is a celebrity she has to take care of her appearance too. Which is why she needs to spice it up and wear something that is comfy and trendy. But these celebrities failed to carry them both and created kind of mess by wearing these clothes.

Kim Kardashian

We are all aware of this beautiful epitome of perfect, Kim Kardashian! She has already a strong personality in the celebrities and she sure deserves to be there but that doesn’t mean that she can always make fashion trends and not be criticised. This one outfit raised many eyebrows when she walked around like there’s nothing wrong with it!

She dressed up in a lingerie, which bares all, so she tried covering with a trench coat, which obviously made it weirder.

Kate Hudson

Well, Kate, this was not something to wear proudly. This didn’t suit her and that is not a great choice of her dress whatsoever! Though her intention is pretty innocent to flaunt her baby bump this didn’t do any justice to the baby bump or her body at all!

Katie Price

Why the hell would Katie wear such bizarre costume? We don’t know! This outfit raises many questions and we do not know what was going on in her mind while selecting such attire for a public appearance.

Courtney Stodden

Courtney is very popular for wearing dresses that are scandalous tight fitting. Her pregnancy didn’t stop her from making such scandalous things. This outfit is the most notorious pregnancy outfit ever! Not a great choice, Courtney!

Blac Chyna

We all know who Blac Chyna is. For most of us, she is just a mimic of the Kardashian family. She is not inspiring enough! She likes to reveal her body and she wears all sorts of trendy outfits. Of course, the trends that Kardashian’s set. Her pregnancy didn’t stop her from wearing this tight velvet dress. It looks like she is gonna burst out of it any moment!


The goddess of the voice and swag she has got has already made her popular worldwide and as other celebrities, she also has to keep up with the status and keep on innovating her style so that she doesn’t fall into the bring category. But this innovation was definitely a mistake and we would like her to wear something more normal.

Lisa D’Amato

America’s Top Model is surely the diva but she made a wardrobe mistake when she wore this cold-shoulder crop top with a flowy patterned skirt paired with a belt, cradling her baby bump which obviously made negative headlines about her.

Britney Spears

Where fashion is concerned, Britney cares the damn! She literally wears everything that goes the opposite where fashion goes. what happened to the diva? Those pinstriped shorts buttoned up, making sure it holds on to the baby bump is just not a delight to see to the viewers!


Madonna is a classic piece among celebs. But this one outfit made her look weird although the cute belly peeking out the t-shirt and pairing it with sagging pants. How worse can she get? Maybe she couldn’t think right because of the baby in her belly!


Last but not the least, M.I.A, the awesome rap artist as the other rappers out there wanted to do something wacky at this one too! And so she decided to wear this wacky outfit which of course garnered attention that wasn’t needed! But that is M.I.A, she can sprinkle some weirdness around her!

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