11-Year-Old Nigerian Ballet Dancer Receives Scholarship From A NYC Ballet School After A Video Of Him Dancing Went Viral

The internet is a pretty amazing thing, mainly because it can completely change a person’s life – for better or for worse – seemingly overnight. And don’t worry – the story we have for you today is nothing but positive.

If you’ve been browsing social media for the past few days, you’ve probably seen the majestic video of an 11-year-old Nigerian boy practicing his ballet moves in the rain. Well, believe it or not, the young dancer has caught the attention of a prestigious dance school in New York City and it even offered him a scholarship to a summer workshop!

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This video of a Nigerian boy practicing his ballet moves in the rain recently went viral

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The video was shared by the Leap of Dance Academy located in Lagos, Nigeria, and was viewed over 330 K times since it was uploaded back in June. In the comments, many people complimented the boy on his grace and talent, and wished him nothing but the best.

Cynthia Harvey, the artistic director of New York’s ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Dance, noticed the video and decided to try and find the boy

In a recent interview with Cincinnati Enquirer, Cynthia said that a friend living in the UK sent her the video and within a day the woman was trying to find the mysterious boy. Eventually, she was successful and offered the boy, whose name is Anthony, a scholarship a virtual three-week summer workshop in the US.

The Leap of Dance Academy was founded by Daniel Ajala Owoseni back in 2017 but during the 3 years of operation was not successful in finding a dedicated space for all of the students. The dancers mostly practice in public spaces or the teacher’s basement.

In an interview with BBC, Daniel said that the academy is trying to change the stereotypes surrounding ballet, mainly the fact that it’s this dance is just for females.

According to the academy, Anthony is currently in ABT virtual summer intensive

In an interview with Bored Panda, a PR representative of the Leap of Dance Academy said that Anthony’s newfound fame made them feel very overwhelmed and grateful. “We can not believe our eyes, and the outpouring of support, sometimes we think we’re dreaming. God has been so gracious to us by providing all these things,” said the representative. “Anthony is very excited and has always been a hard worker, so he is happy to continue working towards his dreams and have this opportunity. Anthony is currently in ABT virtual summer intensive.”

The academy adds that their main goal is to have students represent ballet in Nigeria and bring it to the forefront while showing the elegance of the dance, and letting their culture shine through at the same time.

The academy’s main goal is to have the students represent ballet in Nigeria – and with students like Anthony, they’re doing just great

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