15 Photos Of Álvaro Morte AKA The Professor From ‘Money Heist’ That Will Steal Your Heart

A man of above-average height, with curly medium-long dark hair. He wears specs, has beard and has brown eyes. The Professor keeps himself well groomed and usually wears a grey suit.

Sergio Marquina Aka The Professor from Netflix popular web series Money Heist is highly intelligent and meticulous. He has been planning bank heist for several years. Professor hires his dream team and train them to follow strict rules. His perfect attitude and consideration and planning for all the possible scenarios that could arise during the heist is what keeps audience glued to screens. With exceptional knowledge in police strategy, hostage crisis, law enforcement, weaponry, human psychology etc, he heist able to execute his plans with perfection. Despite of planning the biggest heist, The Professor maintains strict moral principles. He maintains that not spilling blood is one of the most important rule of the heist. He has great love and compassion for his team members. His team members have great trust in his plans and decisions.

Álvaro Antonio García Morte known as Álvaro Morte plays the role of Sergio in Money Heist. Álvaro is a Spanish actor who became popular worldwide as “The Professor”. Álvaro is married to Blanca Clemente, a stylist, they have 2 children, Julieta and Leon, who are non-identical twins.

Below are some pictures of Álvaro Morte AKA The Professor From Money Heist:

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