12 Celebrities Who Won Their Battle Against Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is one of the worst problems afflicting modern man. Both drug and alcohol addiction is rampant throughout America taking a huge toll of life and disrupting families as well. Celebrities’ too aren’t an exception being even more prone to the drug abuse because of denuding lifestyles. However, Even as several celebs like Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison have succumbed to drug abuse, there are many who have battled it and won. Here are 10 such celebrities who fought drug addiction.

1.Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie experimented with every possible drug in existence. She even suffered from anorexia and depression. However she pulled through her ordeal and by the time she did Lara Croft, She was rehabilitated and drug-free. She fought her drug addiction by surrounding herself with people who she loved and cared for.
Angelina Jolie

2.Robert Downey Jr.

His first tryst with fame followed nights of revelry and substance abuse. It resulted in scandals and problems with the law. He spent 16 months in jail and underwent compulsory treatment. It was then that he decided on giving up drugs which then helped him get great roles such as Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr received immense support from his friends who helped him get back on track.
Robert Downey Jr.


Adele was always conscious of her looks on stage which caused her lot of worry. She began to drink to boost her confidence but it grew into a huge problem, she was an alcoholic. “Once I got so drunk that, when I had to go onstage, I forgot the words to my own songs. It was the worst night of my life,” recalls the performer. She decided to kick the habit in 2009. After ligament surgery, she stopped drinking and leads a healthier lifestyle.

4.Anthony Hopkins

In his youth, Anthony Hopkins like so many new misguided stars thought that alcohol was a route to relaxation and freedom. It would help one be a better actor. He now admits that it was totally wrong. He lost his job at the National Theater in 1964 and continued on a drinking spree for 15 years. One day when he found himself at the wheel of his car in a strange place, it scared him and he decided to stop. “When drunk, I used to occasionally fall asleep at the wheel. And I could’ve easily smashed into another car or run over a pedestrian,”. Hopkins has been sober for 41 years.
Anthony Hopkins

5.Drew Barrymore

Among celebrities who fought against drug addiction, Drew Barrymore was a bit wild when young and became an alcoholic by the time she was 13. In numerous scandals, tantrums and drug overdose were turning her into the ugly duckling of Hollywood. Her unending drug abuse led her to being admitted into rehab for 8 months. After that she soon began working as a part time waitress and model which paved her way to Hollywood. Describing her addiction drew says “Sometimes, life puts you on your knees. Well, isn’t this an appropriate posture for prayer?!”
Drew Barrymore


Marshall Mathers III even claimed in a documentary that he was an addict. His addiction was so bad that he even mixed up drugs which almost took his life had it not been for timely medical intervention. It was the responsibility of his daughters that helped him come out of substance abuse. Today Eminem is a responsible father addicted only to music.

7.Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis would always get stage fright which led her to drinking for courage. At 25, she was an alcoholic. IT was her best friend who got her to enter alcoholics anonymous and yoga. This worked helping Kristin come out of the addiction. She has never had a relapse ever since. Davis even refused a role in Sex and the City because it involved drinking cocktails all the time “I was afraid of even allowing myself a glass of wine, “recalls the actress.”I feel fine without alcohol and don’t want to take any chances.
Kristin Davis

8.Daniel Radcliffe

The phenomenal success of Harry Potter seemed to have overwhelmed Radcliffe who slowly sunk into depression. During shooting of the last chapter he always appeared drunk on set. Daniel admitted in 2995 that he was an alcoholic. How Radcliffe fought his dependence on alcohol is amazing as he did it in an instant. Here is what he has to say about it. I had constant breakdowns, which led to drinking binges. Then, one day, I went for a walk, which lasted for about five hours. During that time, I never once felt an urge to have a drink. That’s when I realized that I needed to walk in the fresh air and exercise. Nowadays, I do these things every day, and I don’t drink at all.”
Daniel Radcliffe

9.Samuel L Jackson

Even though Jackson studied acting at the Faculty of Drama at Morehouse College in Atlanta, he would not get roles because of his alcohol and drug problems where directors refused to work with him. IN 1980, he entered rehab which cured him of his addiction. Subsequently, Jackson would go on to star in severely movies earning prestigious awards too. He is now an accomplished actor and an exemplary father and husband.
Samuel L Jackson

10.Kelly Osborne

Kelly Osborne inherited her addictive tendencies for Father Ozzy Osborne. Plagued by depression and psychological problems, she soon became a drug addict consuming dozens of pills every day. She also began mixing substances that made things worse. Kelly fought her addiction in rehab and instead of breaking down recorded a new album. She also indulged in physical activity like sports. Today Kelly is doing great and she has changed into a more confident and mature woman.
Kelly Osborne


Sting at one time was heavily in hallucinogenic drugs and alcohol. The addiction also resulted in his first wife leaving him along with their two children. This jolted him to his senses and he decided to change. A new Sting then belted out chart topping numbers with discs going platinum. Today he is an exemplary father to six kids and a model husband.

12.Elton John

Elton John struggled as a celebrity fighting drug addiction. had a bad case of shyness when young which led him to take drugs. This alienated him from friends and loved ones. He almost dies of an overdose in 1975 after which he decided to join rehab for the whole treatment course. In his own words he says I’ve spent a huge part of my life for nothing because, thanks to my addiction, I was constantly immersed in myself.”
Elton John

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