Tank’s Good News Joins Forces With The True Hero Fund And Raises More Than $1 Million In Two Days

Tank Sinatra has partnered with the True Hero Fund to raise money for healthcare workers on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19. You can donate whatever you feel comfortable with HERE.

With doctors, nurses, paramedics, first responders, and other medical professionals working tirelessly to manage the COVID-19 pan*emic, they need our help more than ever. Not only are medical supplies and resources such as protective gear necessary and in short supply, but their families need support, too. Those meals are not going to cook themselves while Mom or Dad are at the hospital all day!

The True Hero Fund, created by Todd and Kat Chaffee in partnership with Tank’s Good News, is a new organization with the goal of helping alleviate some of the stress medical professionals and their families are currently experiencing by providing direct financial aid to them. The fund also provides grants to medical professionals who have provided the highest level of care to patients.

If you are able to donate, that’s the best way to help get our medical professionals the supplies and support the need. Todd, a venture capitalist, and Kat Chaffee have started with fund with $1 million and have also pledged to match an additional $1 million through their charitable organization, The NobleLight Foundation, based on contributions made by GoFundMe donors.

You can also nominate a hero by going to the True Hero Fund website. Is your best friend a nurse who spends all her time at work and then volunteers afterward at a homeless shelter? Is your brother a paramedic who then drives extra hours to bring supplies to facilities that need them? Tell the True Hero Fund all about them!

Click HERE to donate to the True Hero Fund.

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