13+ People Who Learned Something The Hard Way

There’s always an easy way and a hard way to learn something, but usually, somebody else had to experience the hard way for us to know the easy way. After all, you can learn on your own about the minimum distance needed to safely light fireworks, but it’s much easier to just ask the guy with no eyebrows.

Plus, those who learned the hard way are more likely to feel like their sacrifice wasn’t in vain if we manage to avoid the same mistakes they made.

At least, I hope that’s true, because these people have a lot of wisdom to give us now.

1. If a design takes up the full sock, it’s probably gonna look way different on your feet than it does on the rack.

2. Just because it’s possible to put the sun shade down whenever you want doesn’t mean there aren’t times where it’s kind of off-limits.

3. Thinking outside the box is great and all, but it turns out there is a right and wrong way to ride a motorcycle.

4. While we’re at it, there’s a reason why kayaks are built the way they are, too.

5. Sometimes it’s best to swallow our pride and cut these bananas apart instead of using our brute strength.

6. The fewer jobs you try completing in the dark, the more of them you can confidently say you meant to do.

7. You can’t trust a GPS all the time, but this is what happens when you get too distracted by calling it a pushy little weenie.

8. I’ll admit that decimal points are often the punchline when our bank balance is a cruel joke, but that doesn’t mean we can always ignore them.

9. Oof, this poor soul just finished learning this culinary step the hard way — twice.

10. He may not know it yet, but life has a way of teaching go-getters like this that they’re not too cool for chairs at the worst possible times.

11. Unfortunately, not everything can be delegated to somebody else.

12. I’m afraid it won’t be long before these people learn that it’s way more refreshing to drink this stuff than it is to wear it.

13. And it looks like this girl had to learn that looking fresh in the pool can come at a price.

14. This person learned that apparently, it’s possible to drive down the road with an entire trash kingdom on top of your car.

15. I’m not sure what somebody learned here, other than that it’s not possible to keep out Superman with a guard rail.

16. Sadly, this person is about to learn that not every situation calls for multitasking.

17. So, it looks like life has served up a couple of hard lessons here.

18. Always remember this important tip, folks: When you finish laying down sod, guard it with your life.

19. Yeah, it turns out that Instagram models have a lot better balance then the rest of us have realized.

20. Well, this is different. I didn’t realize it was possible to ride a horse as erratically as one can drive a car.

21. If this is actually a bench, somebody learned the value of sitting on your designs before you ship them out.

22. While this is very good advice, I’d personally understand if you don’t want to follow it.

23. You’re gonna be in for a rough ride if you spend more time checking whether people have googled these “proofs” than you do watching the road.

24. Don’t let this happen to you, folks. Always hold your hair before you adjust your headrest.

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