These People Asked For Their Pictures To Be Photoshop And Received Hilarious Results

Nowadays, since every phone has a camera, we have become used to documenting our lives on a daily basis. Many pictures are taken, but most of them are nowhere close to being Instagram worthy. Even when we get lucky and take the perfect shot, there is usually some tiny thing that ruins it. It might be something in the background or just a tiny little detail, like a wardrobe malfunction, and once you see it, it becomes so annoying that you wish it would just disappear. Well, it can – and there are experts in the field that can help you have the perfect picture! However, not every Photoshop expert is actually out there to help you, especially a man on Twitter named James Fridman. Here are some of the best examples of people asking James for Photoshop help and receiving hilarious photos in return!

Pet Me In A Bugatti

We can all understand the need to impress our friends and maybe sometimes we get a little liberal with the truth. But seriously, this dude only went and told his friends that he was the proud owner of a Bugatti.

Facebook / James Fridman

He needed proof and James was his man, unfortunately, he said ‘pet’ instead of ‘out’ and James made sure he got what he asked for. At least he can now show his friends his Bugatti – good luck explaining why you are a dog being petted by a giant hand!

See more creative and kooky Photoshop surprises from James and his colleagues, just ahead!

Playing Doubles

Tennis can be a fun sport to play with a sibling, if both have a similar skill level. If there is a mismatch, one might spend their time running up and down the court, while the other lags. James had a solution, with a clever clothing edit!

Facebook / James Fridman

Using Photoshop, it was easy to make the wardrobe change. Now that these two brothers are bound together by a big, beautiful shirt, there’s no way their moves can be uncoordinated. Spikes and lobs, grand slam titles, coming right up! Game, set, match.

Kiss and Make Up

James got frisky again with his wild ways on Photoshop. Given all the duck-faces on Insta these days, it was inevitable that he would do a bit of reverse engineering. It may be hard to remember what Kylie Jenner looked like, before her transformation. But James does!

Facebook / James Fridman

Injections in real life are popular, that’s for sure. And there are plenty of apps to do it electronically, for the faint of heart. After the millionth request on the internet to look more like Kylie, he decided on accuracy. Shrinking those lips back to a natural size, it does portray the original celebrity. Very clever, James!

You Look Grate

Life can get complicated when 2 friends both fall for the same guy and even good friendships can fall by the wayside. This one girl decided to get help so she could send this picture to the object of their mutual affection.

Facebook / James Fridman

Obviously it is really important to her that she makes a good impression on this guy, so she contacts a photoshop professional online with a special request. Her main problem, apart from who she chose to do the work, was that she should have paid attention in school.  She mis-spelled the word ‘great’ and unfortunately she got exactly what she was asking for.  Now she looks like she’s been put through a giant cheese grater. Karma.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes are one of the most common picture problems – sometimes we suffer from the good old red eye, sometimes we shut our eyes are the wrong moment. In this case, the problem is that her eyes are still open.

Facebook / James Fridman

The guy really wants his girlfriend’s eyes to be closed while he is kissing her, she seems to like to watch what’s going on.  All he wanted was for her eyes to look closed, instead the photoshopper decided to put his own arm into the picture. OK, this is a bit of an unconventional approach, however you have to agree that the girlfriend’s eyes are now closed, just as requested.  It may have removed some of the romance from the shot though.

Just like A Kardashian

This girl just wanted to do what so many others want – to look like one of the beautiful Kardashians.

Facebook / James Fridman

When asking for photoshop it pays to be specific about your needs – this girl was pretty vague asking for ‘any of them’, and sadly she would live to regret this. Now she gets to look like Rob Kardashian which we are betting was something that she did not have in mind.  You have to admire the skill of the artist though, not only did she get Rob’s face he also threw in the hat, beard and the tattoos!

Just What She Asked For

Sometimes people want a little help with body image improvement – in this case Keeping up with the Kardashians means a little more booty.

Facebook / James Fridman

Her request was simple – she just wanted more ass! And here we have the result, we think that is a great ass and an even better play on words.  We need to learn to love ourselves the way we are and we think she looks great. That donkey sure makes the picture more interesting too.

Taking Her Out

James responded perfectly to this request to remove one of the girls from this picture. Take a look!

Facebook / James Fridman

This is, after all, a pretty mean thing to do, so he had to think of a good comeback. James responded perfectly to this request to remove one of the girls from this picture. Instead of removing her he removed all the other girls and photoshopped himself into the image.  Then he said he’s taken her out and they had fun. Completely owned!

Spin Cycle Doctor

Senior pictures are big business, these days. Sure, a simple stool sit-down used to do. But that looks so, so basic for teens who have grown up with Facetune and Snapchat cartoon features. It’s just not exciting anymore to pay extra for a jazzy pink background at the mall shop. Case closed!

Facebook / James Fridman

This gal actually managed to take her senior picture underwater. It’s creative, all would agree! But she still felt the final  picture wasn’t as obvious as she hoped: Without an explanation, people might think she was laying on the ground! James had a fix, of course. Washing machine girl, happy graduation!

I’m Pregnant!

It’s a sad thing when 2 people are on a date and one spends more time paying attention to their phone. So common, these days!

Facebook / James Fridman

This girl was obviously pretty desperate to change this and had to resort to asking a Photoshop expert to step in to get her boyfriend to at least look a little interested in her. We have to say that adding the speech bubble was an inspired move and it certainly seems to have had the desired effect. What a shame she had to go to such lengths when he should have been attentive in the first place.

Calling It Like It Is

Sometimes people need a wake up call so they become aware of what is actually going on. This girl saw how miserable her friend looked and decided to resort to Photoshop to improve things.

Facebook / James Fridman

James, on the other hand could see exactly what was going on and why the guy looks pretty downhearted in the picture.  Instead of working on the guy’s face he just changed his clothes!  Hopefully the girl will read the T-shirt and maybe get an idea about her friend’s real feelings.

Keeping Him Company

James is always doing his best to fulfill wishes through the magic of Photoshop.

Facebook / James Fridman

This young man is obviously feeling lonely for some female company and when he asked James for assistance you can see that James stepped up to the plate and saved the day which this sassy picture of Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson. James wasn’t able to get him a real woman but that picture is the next best thing and we are pretty sure Pamela will enjoy keeping him company.

Brotherly Love

There’s nothing worse than going on a family vacation and someone has their head constantly stuck in their phone. This girl just wanted one picture of herself and her brother having fun.

Facebook / James Fridman

James managed to find the person reason for her brother to finally look up and pay attention to what is going on around him.  Although a leggy girl might not be what his sister had in mind, he does at least look like he is finally having a good time on their vacation.

He’s On It

How many times have you taken a great photo and then realize there is something in the background that you’d rather shouldn’t be there? Too often, that is probably the time when Photoshop can help.

Facebook / James Fridman

This woman decided to turn to James in the hope that he would use his skill to get the graffiti off the wall.  It seems he took her too literally and instead he just put himself in the background working hard to remove that graffiti with a rag. We have to admit it does make the picture much more interesting.

Mirror Mirror

Sometimes people can be irrationally jealous, and we guess that is the case for this girl who go mad at her friend for looking at someone else instead of her. Oops!

Facebook / James Fridman

These things are often really important in your teens so the girl contacted James to put the situation right. James decided to make life easy and pop in a mirror,  now the girl is looking the right way and everyone is happy again!

Harry Potter Fan

Cosplay events attract Harry Potter fans from around the world who love to dress up as their favorite Hogwart’s character. It’s really popular and we are betting it is awesome fun. If you can’t make the event there is always Photoshop!

Facebook / James Fridman

When she contacted James this girl obviously wanted to be photoshopped wearing the house robes of one of her character, but made the fatal mistake in being less than clear about her needs.  Now she is Dobby, the House Elf.  We are pretty sure this is not what she meant.

What Man?

Sometimes it is a photobomb that makes a picture great but this woman clearly doesn’t think so which is why she took to the internet to get James do remove him.

Facebook / James Fridman

This is another case of not being specific since what she actually asked for was for James to “do something” with him and he took her at her word. The man is still in the image but he is now cleverly camouflaged.  Can you see him?  We will give you a hint – check out the second fire hydrant in the right hand image.  You can hardly see him, right?

Style Problems

Another background problem – this time the girl didn’t like the man’s overall look and felt that this was ruining what could be a perfect image.

Facebook / James Fridman

So she contacted James to do something about it, obviously hoping he would remove the guy completely.  Instead he decided to go one better and simply change “his looks”. Now that the guy is wearing an outfit that matches the girl’s own he looks so much more fashionable and not as out of place. In fact, he wears it pretty well.


It’s not everyday that someone asks you to replace their boyfriend with a dinosaur and even specify which dinosaur it has to be.

Facebook / James Fridman

James, ever the professional, has what it takes to make her dream come true right down to the very last detail. She may have got a little more than she  bargained for because James simply turned him into a dinosaur.  He does make a great dinosaur but was perhaps more boyfriend material before the change.  She really should appreciate him more.

One And The Same

Sometimes that perfect profile pic needs a little editing so you can make it your own. This guy just wanted people to be able to pick him out in the photo.

Facebook / James Fridman

Most people would have just edited the others out but if you wanted ‘most people’ why pick James?  James had a much more novel solution to the problem and simply changed everyone into the same person, now there can’t possibly be any confusion.

Short Shorts

The only thing worse than turning up for an event wearing totally the wrong thing is when you realize that your mistake has now ruined all the photos.

Facebook / James Fridman

This is the time you can turn to Photoshop for  help – this guy’s shorts turnout out to be a bit of a wardrobe malfunction so he wanted James to swap out his shorts for regular pants. James had other ideas, now everyone – even the guy behind them – is wearing shorts!  This guy now fits right in to the look and feel of the day.

Just Like The Weasleys

What a great family photo, only this guy doesn’t think so because he is the only redhead. Photoshop, it is!

Facebook / James Fridman

We would say embrace your look but this guy really wants to blend in and asked James to change his hair color. James worked his magic and now this family of redheads all fit together perfectly fine.  We think they actually look like a pretty cute bunch, even the baby now has a shock of red hair.  Perfect.

Too Scary

We are pretty sure the creators of The Teletubbies didn’t think they were in the least bit scary and they were loved by millions of children worldwide.

Facebook / James Fridman

However, scary is a subjective thing and when you ask someone to add something scary in the background you can’t be sure what you will get. Teletubbies could be quite cute but they do look like giant baby aliens.  We are pretty sure we’d all find these scary if they arrived in our back garden.

Eyefell Tower

Lying to your friends and then having a spelling malfunction when asking your Photoshop artist to help you out really is asking for trouble.

Facebook / James Fridman

When she asked for the  “Eyefell Tower” she literally got what she asked for. Of course he knew that she really meant Eiffel Tower, but this will probably teach her not to lie to her friends about her holidays and maybe to pay more attention in class.


The man has a beautiful girlfriend and this is a great picture, but some people are never satisfied.

Facebook / James Fridman

Instead of accepting the image this man decided his girl’s skirt was too short and asked James to fix this for him. James decided to comply and lengthened the dress.  However, he completely removed the girl altogether.  He clearly needs to be taught some manners, hopefully he will one day find someone who is willing to be photographed in the extra long dress.

A Tough Battle

This picture is pretty funny as it is but the guy thought it would be even more amusing if he got James to edit the image to make it look like he was having a fight with the goose.

Facebook / James Fridman

Of course, he wanted to end up looking like the hero but it didn’t end up that way when James decided it was the goose that was going to be on the winning side. The winner of this particular battle is the goose – he ends up with his head underground and the goose is the star of the show.


When this guy contacted James we are not sure that this was what he had in mind when he asked him to make it look like he was jumping away from something.

Facebook / James Fridman

We are pretty sure he was thinking of an explosion or a monster or some such. What he got was this picture which is based more on the realities of life than the life of an action hero from the movies.

Strings Attached

Sometimes pictures come out a little weird. Sometimes its the way you are standing, or where the person taking the photo points the camera.

Facebook / James Fridman

This guys  decided his head looked a bit off in relation to his body and that some serious Photoshop action was needed. This is a case of ‘be careful what you ask for’.  James has certainly edited the image so there can be no doubt that his head is attached to his own body.

So Strong

One of the favorite pictures people take of themselves is when they look like they are holding things up.

Facebook / James Fridman

This girl decided she wanted to look like she was holding the mountain and she needed someone seriously talented to move that mountain for her. Sadly she wasn’t that specific about what she wanted and James decided that moving the mountain might be a little bit too easy.  Instead he decided to ring the changes by moving her arm.  Now she looks like she is holding up that mountain, but also that she has some serious medical problem with her arm.

Looking Profesh

We all know someone who gets a little out of hand at weddings. Meet Jim. Jim has had one or two drinks too many and his look is upsetting the groom. 

Facebook / James Fridman

He resorts to Photoshop to try to improve both Jim’s look and his strange dance routines.  Most people would have shrugged and told him to delete the image but James, never one to be defeated, just made him look like the official camera man.  You can’t get more formal than that!

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Most of us spend years trying to look younger – not this guy. He just wants people to give him some respect but he looks like a 12 year old school boy.

Facebook / James Fridman

He can’t age himself so he turns to James’ Photoshop skills to give him a more mature look. Nothing says ‘aging’ more than losing  your hair.  With his bald pate he certainly looks like an adult now and should get the respect that he deserves.  Another problem sorted.

Wear Sunscreen

It’s super important to protect your skin when it is sunny – not only can it cause burning at the time, long term it can cause all sort of serious health issues.

Facebook / James Fridman

The other thing is of course, that you end up looking like a well cooked lobster as these two found out when they decided to go out without sun screen. They asked James to get rid of the sunburn because it was ruining the picture.  He slapped on some sunscreen – if only they had just done that in the first place!

Two Left Feet

This lovely young lady has already gone through the editing process. But today, James was not involved in this Photoshop fix. How can fans know for sure? For one, he would have claimed his work. But more importantly, someone put the foot on the other foot here. That’s not a metaphor!

Hollywood Life

Looking closely, the professional editor seems to have selected way too many of the same foot for the same girl. One is enough, of course. Nobody wants to have two left feet — or two right feet! If only James was involved. Sometimes, just the best will do!

Under Where?

Ah yes. Fresh for 2014, this was the hottest underoo ad of the summer. That year, boxers, briefs, and even boxer-briefs were put to shame with a brand new style from Desmiit. Never heard of the line? Neither has anyone else, as it turns out.


The creative editor may have made a few mistakes on this campaign. Without expert James for guidance, the crotch of this model is all over the place — back, front, and back again! This style never really caught on in the coming years. It’s not hard to see why, either!

Double Trouble

Yes, it’s true that Angelina Jolie went on an adoption spree at one point. Fans were surprised to find out about her maternal side, back when it all started. Maybe they only knew her from wild action roles. But mommy was the role she secretly wanted most of all.

Photoshop Disasters

First, she adopted a baby from Cambodia. Then, she found a child in Ethiopia. But in this family photo, there’s an error: There were no twins! One Photoshop job had readers seeing double, and it looks like the magazine editor still has no idea. James, fix this family?

The Morning After

Everyone knows how many episodes Dr. Phil has done on catfishing at this point. The topic is getting old! Still, it’s not dead. With Facetune to change and stretch images in any direction, some men and women are going a bit too far with the tool. Behold: Exhibit A.

Instagram / @beauty.false

Everyone has a few flaws they like cover up, when no one is watching. But this is a bit more than that! Instagram blog beauty.false keeps track of the worst offenders out there, and the results are stunning. This one is even wackier than the jokes from James!

Leggy Ladies

Long legs are a gift, some would say. But fourteen of them? Now that might be too much to handle, even for leg lovers. What in the world is going with this Photoshop job, and where is James when you need him?

Reddit / d4n1l0v3

If someone had to guess, it looks like there was some sort of experiment combining women and bugs. Humans have two legs, but that’s clearly not the case here. Who would try such a thing, especially in the advertising industry? Someone call the expert, for a quick fix on this one!

One Direction, Two Direction

This one is a strange request and we still can’t figure out why these two needed someone to work on the image so they wouldn’t both be looking the same way.

Facebook / James Fridman

Maybe they thought it would make the image more interesting, who knows?  Whatever the reason they contacted James to fix their eyes. James fixed the shot by making their eyes – well you can see for yourself.  They are no longer looking in the same direction.  Whether this is the look they were aiming for is anyone’s guess but we are not sure it has improved the image.

No Phone, No Selfie

When this guy decided to take a selfie of himself in the mirror he decided that he would need to have the phone taken out of the picture.

Facebook / James Fridman

Who better to help him out with this than James? James certainly managed to take the phone from his hand as requested, but obviously if there is no phone, there is no selfie.  Maybe this guy should do himself a favor and shell out a few bucks on a selfie stick.

Up And Away

The type of picture where everyone jumps all at the same time are pretty cool but they do take a few shots to get it just right and the more people in the shot the harder it is to get everyone in the air all at the same time.

Facebook / James Fridman

The one girl in the picture just wasn’t in the right place so they turned to James for some epic Photoshop.  The second girl obviously needed a helping hand, so James gave her a trampoline.  Unfortunately it bounced her right out of shot.


This one is pretty cool. Someone sends James an image and tells him to just do whatever he likes. How fun!

Facebook / James Fridman

James does something pretty amazing with this by unleashing all of his creativity and Photoshop skill. James decided to flip the image and flip it again.  All the people are swapped out, the original T-shirt becomes the main image and on her shirt the guys face wearing the shirt with her on it.  This is just so clever.  James can certainly deliver some serious edits.

Looks Delicious

This is a really lovely picture. Three beautiful girls in a window frame. But wait, what’s that a the bottom?

Facebook / James Fridman

It looks like one of those picture perfect wedding photos apart, that is, from the bald guy’s head that has managed to get front and center.  The girls really wanted the head to go away. James was happy to oblige and has camouflaged the head in the most hilarious way, but turning it into an ice cream complete with chocolate sauce!

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Sometimes mother nature gets it just right. This guy decided that the waterfall should be bigger and closer so he contacted James to make some improvements on the background of the image.

Facebook / James Fridman

James certainly moved the waterfall and it got bigger and it got a lot closer.  Now the guy is wearing the waterfall.  The original picture was actually pretty cool and didn’t need the improvements but we have to say the Photoshopped image is hilarious.

Shake It Off

These girls are big Taylor Swift fans and really wanted someone to Photoshop her into the picture. Why not, right?

Facebook / James Fridman

It’s great that these days you can pretty much be photographed alongside anyone you want in the shot, especially if someone like James is prepared to help you out. James put Taylor Swift into the picture but because they weren’t precise about what they wanted they ended up with her legs.  Great heels!

I Want To Hold Your Hand

This guy decided that the photo with his girlfriend had a bit of an awkward feel to it so he asked James to make the image look as if they are holding hands.

Facebook / James Fridman

That would have given the picture a more romantic feel. He really should have specified that he wanted them to be holding each others hands.  Now the photo has gone from just a little awkward to full on creepy as they sit holding hands that don’t belong to anyone.

Hands Are Essential

We are not sure why this pretty girl felt that her hand was messing up the shot, but she wanted it removed and asked James to fix it for her.

Facebook / James Fridman

This was a pretty tough call, even for an expert like James. Instead of removing her hand he showed her that hands can come in…well, handy, at times.  How else could she hang on in a crowded bus?

Hollywood Sign

Every tourist that comes to Hollywood wants a photo with the iconic sign in the background, it’s basically a must-have image if you come to LA. 

This young lady managed to get that once in a lifetime shot but afterwards wished the sign could be a little closer. She contacted James because she knew he could move the sign and make her look closer.  Of course that was not going to prove difficult, but he may have moved the sign a lot closer than she had originally wanted.

Help, Dinosaurs!

Sometimes you find the perfect background and just need a few tweaks to perfect the shot. These guys found what looked like the set of the blockbuster movie Jurassic Park. 

All they really needed was someone to Photoshop a few dinosaurs here and there and it would be the coolest picture ever. It might have been a mistake to ask James.  No T-Rex looming behind you in this one, now they all have dinosaur costumes on.  They all look pretty good to be honest, but it isn’t quite the Jurassic Park look they were  hoping for.

Not As Romantic

Sometimes you wish you’d really taken the time to properly line up the shot, especially when the result is this type of romantic picture which would have been so much better if they were sat in the middle of the bench.

James put this right but not in the way they hoped, now it looks the total opposite of romantic, but at least they weren’t sat on the edge of the bench!  This had the potential for greatness but we don’t think it will make the cut for the family album.

Up In Space

With all the sci-fi shows on TV so many of us dream that we will one day make it into space. The same for this girl who went to James in the hope that he would fulfill her dream of space exploration.

James decided to mix things up a little and Photoshopped her right into the space bar of her laptop.  We are pretty sure this was not what she meant, this is more of a nightmare than a dream.  But maybe she could have helped him by being a little more clear about what she wanted.


Oleg really wants to find himself a partner, although we are not sure that the Titanic would be a great place to do it.

However, James is always happy to help out a guy who is searching for love. Oleg’s mistake was saying that he was “hungry for love” – where else can you send him than to the cafe that serves food all day.  If that cafe happens to be the Titanic – what a result!

Meet Ariel

Lots of little girls want to be mermaids especially after Disney’s movie The Little Mermaid. Although Ariel herself actually wanted legs, girls the world over hankered to be just like her.

Anyway, this girl grew up and still wanted to be a mermaid so she enlisted James to help make her dream come true.  She even dressed for the part to make it easier for him to add the yearned-for tail.  Instead James turned her into a fish, and then shrink wrapped her for sale in the supermarket!

Find The Differences

James is pretty famous now for his hilarious photoshopped images and he often gets requests like this one that basically give him free rein to do whatever he likes on their images.

We have to say that this is a pretty cool response.  He has made 13 changes to the images and we have to admit this is one of the hardest find the difference games we have ever played.  How many can you find?

An Act Of Kindness

Sometimes, the answer to photoshop help is none at all! This gal requested digital tips to cover up her skin condition, but the internet was not interested. Instead, she found a little inspiration!

Vitiligo is a syndrome that causes the skin to lose pigment cells over time, resulting in discolored patches. There is no cure, and some people feel embarrassed about it. But these days, why?It’s not contagious, it’s unique! With new medical knowledge and Wikipedia just a click away, there is a lot more understanding about the big, wide world in general. Good advice, James.

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