30 Weird, Funny, And Interesting European Things Shared In This Online Group

With over 40 different countries spread across a rather small plot of land, compared to other continents, Europe is truly a place of contrasts. Each country has its own unique traditions, history, and language, ensuring that no two places you visit will ever be the same. In fact, someone even started a whole subreddit that’s dedicated to the uniqueness of Europe, and it’s pretty fascinating.

The r/Europe subreddit has nearly 3 million members who regularly share all of the weird, funny, and interesting things spotted in Europe, and they will prove to you that it’s a continent like no other. Check out some of the most fascinating things shared in this subreddit in the gallery below!

#1 A Bridge For Wildlife To Cross The Road In Veluwe, The Netherlands

Image source: omermeijk

#2 This Is Jean-Baptiste Kempf, The Creator Of The Vlc Media Player, He Refused Tens Of Millions Of Euros In Order To Keep Vlc Ads-Free. Merci, Jean!

Image source: CopperOtter

#3 Belarus People React To Lukashenko’s Prohibition Of Pro-Democratic Flags

Image source: Massimo24ore

#4 In Poland, We Are Slowly Getting Rid Of Advertisements And Billboards Madness

Image source: Irlfit

#5 London, UK

Image source: Spisepinne

#6 Today 20 Years Ago At The Strike Of Midnight, The Mayor Of Amsterdam Married 4 Gay Couples As The Netherlands Became The First Country In The World To Legalise Same-Sex Marriage

Image source: NorthbyNinaWest

#7 In Wroclaw, Poland Each Cathedral And Even The Rivers Have A Tactile Model Nearby For Blind People To See Them Too

Image source: zushini

#8 She (Sanna Marin) Is The New 34 Years Old Prime Minister Of Finland

Image source: aripp

#9 The Devil’s Bridge (Rakotzbrücke) In Kromlau, Germany

Image source: Hjaaal

#10 Medieval House Built In 1509 In Argentan, Orne, France

Image source: vincentski

#11 Tesco In Slovakia Opened With Empty Shelves. They Wanted To Show Their Customers How It Would Look Like If All Bees And Butterflies Would Become Extinct

Image source: adelkaloc

#12 Trinity College In Dublin, Ireland

Image source: PR0CR45T184T0R

#13 The True Heroes Of Greece At This Moment. Firefighters Sleep Exhausted After An Intense Night Fighting The Biggest Wildfire Of Attica In Decades

Image source: thestoicnutcracker

#14 Merkel Calling Out Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov For Wearing Mask Wrong

Image source: AdmirableFlow

#16 The Sentiment In Scotland Is One I Fully Agree With

Image source: daneelr_olivaw

#17 Utrecht, The Netherlands

Image source: Vucea

#18 The Netherlands Looks Like An Old Master’s Painting This Weekend

Image source: PanEuropeanism

#19 ‘bear And Raven’ Is The Finnish Nature Picture Of The Year

Image source: Pontus_Pilates

#20 Blood Moon In This Morning. Finland

Image source:

#21 Vilnius Has Put Up A Statue That Offers A “Portal” To The Polish City Of Lublin, Allowing People To See Each Other In Real Time

Image source: verylateish

#22 Neo-Gothic Apartment House In Budapest, Hungary. Built Around 1894

Image source: PR0CR45T184T0R

#23 Traditional Gowns And Braids Of The Pomak Village Of Startsevo, Bulgaria

Image source: AxelAbraxas

#24 In 2018, Annamaria Horvathova, A Roma Girl From Slovakia Won A Running Race Wearing Just Ballerinas On Her Feet. Last Week, She Became A 1500m Champion Of Slovakia In Her Age Group

Image source: walkie_stalkie

#25 Meanwhile In Germany

Image source: allllllli-babbba

#26 Newly Discovered Just Outside Of Verona, What Could Be This Year’s Biggest Discovery – An Almost Entirely Intact Roman Mosaic Villa Floor!

Image source: Porodicnostablo

#27 The Statue Of Jakub Wejher, The Founder Of A Polish Town Wejherowo, Looks Like Darth Vader When It’s Snowing

Image source: FunbaRlow

#28 Christmas Market 2019, Dresden, Germany

Image source: filosoful

#29 Us Embassy In Berlin Today

Image source: linknewtab

#30 Oldest Door Still In Use In Rome, At The Pantheon. Cast In Bronze For Emperor Hadrian’s Rebuilding, It Dates From About 115 Ad. Each Door Is Solid Bronze 2.3 M Wide & 7.5 M High, Yet So Well Balanced They Can Be Pushed Or Pulled Open Easily By One Person

Image source: capcaunul

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