40 Accidental Optical Illusions That Will Make You Look Twice

Have you ever came across something that made you made you doubt what you were seeing? And I’m not just talking about things like a potato chip that kind of looks like Jesus from a certain angle or a shadow that looks like Rihanna. I mean things that really made you do a double take. If the answer is ‘yes’, then you’ve come to the right place because today we have prepared you a collection of accidental optical illusions that will leave you amazed.

From fence posts that loot like fjords, to baby birds that look like pine cones, check out all of the things that made people look twice in the gallery below!

#1 This Is The Top Of A Fence Post

Image source: PorkfatWilly

#2 My Black Cat Looks Like My White Cat’s Shadow

Image source: JoshuaForLong

#3 Frozen Spider Web Looks Like A Knitting

Image source: Jose Zarate

#4 I Found A Pattern On Some Rocks In Sweden That Looks A Bit Like Starry Night By Van Gogh

Image source: Nikoolisphotography

#5 The Armadillo Lizard Looks Like A Baby Dragon

Image source: __messy__

#6 The Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth (Malacosoma Disstria) That Looks Like It’s Wearing A Penguin Sweater

Image source: sofiabiologista

#7 I Took A Picture Of A Window With Rain On It And It Looks Like A Planet Surrounded By Millions Of Stars

Image source: norfo

#8 These Trees With Christmas Lights Under The Snow Look Like Rocket Launch

Image source: alexandrosdimo

#9 This Is Moss Agate From Indonesia, The ”Moss” Is Actually Iron And Other Mineral Inclusions In The Stone That Make It Look Like It Contains A Secret Forest

Image source: Javamineralsandfossil

#10 The Moon Looks Like Saturn

Image source: francisco_sojuel

⁣⁣From afar you may wonder, “Is that an asteroid ring around the moon?”. Well, the disguise of this waning moon is actually a thin cirrostratus cloud. The way the cloud interacts with the moon creates a unique display of beauty that steals protagonism from the surrounding stars. Below the moon? The dimly lit silhouette of volcano Pacaya and the Guatemalan highlands can be appreciated.⁣⁣

⁣⁣ Captured at dawn December 24, 2019⁣

#11 This Baby Bird Looks Like A Pinecone

Image source: thebigleobowski

#12 The Light Coming From The Bathroom Window Makes My Cat Look Like She Just Had A Great Idea

Image source: lucyvlt

#13 You’ll See It Once And Never Again

Image source: Thatguyfrank92

#14 Doggo Looking Like A Bear After The Bath

Image source: bertiebertthepom

#15 These Sunset Clouds Look Like Lava

Image source: nprovince101

#16 The Wings Of The Atlas Moth Look Like Snakes

Image source: Sandra

#17 Encountered A Hairless Guinea Pig That Looks Like A Baby Hippo

Image source: Unentertained

#18 I Almost Died. I Found My Mom’s New “USB Hub” Sitting On Her Desk

#19 The Pebbles On This Beach Look A Lot Like Eggs

Image source: giannistsou.1

#20 The Snow On My Husband’s Car Looks Like Cloth

Image source: DaturaMuril

#21 This Window That Looks Like A Painting

Image source: this_is_a_good_sign

#22 This Is A Puddle

Image source: Your_Future_Attorney

#23 This Is Jubilee. She Just Happens To Look Like Bad Taxidermy

Image source: critterwalk

#24 This Cat Looks Exactly Like A Bowl Of Flour

Image source: Humphrey07

#25 The Window Of This House I Rented Looks Like A Painting

Image source: _newphonewhodis

#26 The Way My Company’s Cooling System Becomes Giant LEGO Bricks In The Snow

Image source: Thetrg

#27 Every Year, My Next Door Neighbors House Looks Like A Can Of Arizona Green Tea

Image source: dreph

#28 This Oven Kinda Looks Like An Easter Island Head

Image source: hjeldepetter6

#29 Morro Rock Looks Like A Pile Of Gold During Sunrise

Image source: Cnoordz

#30 A Shot Of Burning Man That Looks Like A Solar System

Image source: jacob

#31 Baby Snapping Turtles Look Just Like Little Dinosaurs

Image source: Brick_in_the_dbol

#32 The Inside Of These Acoustic Guitars Look Like Luxury Apartments

Image source: pokemasterlol

#33 This Turtle’s Shell Looks Like A Sombrero

Image source: morgiibee

#34 This Bush Looks Like I Just Won Solitaire

Image source: HoundDogAwhoo

#35 My New Petunia Looks Like A Galaxy

Image source: shady_robot

#36 The Shadow Of My Bookshelf Looks Like A City Skyline

Image source: AppropriateForm

#37 These Rice Fields Look Like Stained Glass From Above

Image source: airpixels

#38 My Purple Potatoes Look Like Gemstones

Image source: 2pam

#39 This Paella Looks Like A Bunch Of People In A Dirty Pool

Image source: poison_2222

#40 This Small Red Potato Looks Like An Anatomical Heart

Image source: Jztak7

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