9 People Who Tried Editing Their Images But Failed Miserably At It

Social networking is a great way to share stunning photos and videos. However, simply taking images and posting them to social media is tedious and unappealing. That is how Photoshop came to be. It enables us to enhance captured photographs by adding or removing details, blurring, altering brightness, and so on. Don’t worry if your face is covered in pimples; Photoshop will erase them for you. Even if you have the appearance of a log, Photoshop can transform you into a Hollywood star. However, if your editing skills are as limited as your grandmother’s ability to use an iPhone 14, your shot will become unappealing when the body is warped, the skin color is uneven, or an arm appears unexpectedly. Millions of people observe and chuckle at these ridiculous fails.

The mirror never lies

Have a closer look at the mirror and you’ll see the reality of this picture!

Look like a cartoon character

When you started editing your picture while watching a anime movie!

How many hands does she have?

Out of all the abilities Oprah Winfrey had! we never new about this one..

Oh well

That’s a really nice and fine 3D cap..

Powerful footsteps

Either you are high! or the editor who made this disastrous image..

This little girl has two faces

This is a really cute image until you realize the mistake! and now its extremely creepy..

A giraffe neck

How can someone even think of posting a image like this? Unbelievable!

Wish I was that ripped

*People who ask for suggestions about how to lose weight and get abs in 3 days.

Look! This is my new shoes

I don’t find anything edited here! seems legit to me.. Great shoes though!

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