10 Beautiful Pixelated Sculptures Made With Wood, Created By Han Hsu-Tung

Taiwanese artist Han Hsu-Tung makes incredible wood sculptures that look pixelated. The artist has been carving wood for 35 years, but he just began concentrating on creating pixelated wood sculptures in 2010.

Han’s paintings of wooden creatures and humans have an extraordinarily captivating appearance; they seem to be fading into pixels. The artist tells DeMilked, “I wish to portray that effect through wood sculpture since human beings are today more and more influenced by digital technology. I tried to replicate the computer screen image using wood blocks since I found it so appealing.

Hans adds, “I hope I can ultimately develop a new expression form of woodcarving, as the creation process of this type of woodwork is quite difficult and demands accuracy, and they usually take a lot of time to work on it.”

See some of his fantastic creations in the gallery below.

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