Baby weasel takes a magical ride on woodpecker’s back

A really stunning sight of a little weasel riding on a woodpecker.
Martin Le-May is a photographer from London who can boast of being the owner of this photo. He said he was walking through the park at the time when he saw an amazing sight.

A sight unbelievable, a bird carrying a small mammal on its back. Then Martin took a camera and took these amazing photos.

While to most this seemed like an unusual, beautiful sight between two completely different species, this was actually a struggle for survival.
When they fell to the ground, the duo fought for their lives for a few moments, after which the woodpecker decided to leave and then climbed to the heights and disappeared.
The fact is that weasels often attack birds and their nests. Martin said the bird had gone to live its life and the hungry weasel got lost in the big grass.

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