Perfectly Timed Pictures from Across the World

35+ Awesome Pictures We Had to See to Believe
It may have drawbacks, but the photographic camera is probably the most underrated technology ever invented. The ability to take beautiful photographs we can keep for decades or even centuries to help remember special moments is amazing. Sometimes, we accidentally snap unbelievable pictures.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “in the right place at the right time,” these pictures are about to give the expression a whole new meaning. You’ll need to see some of these pictures multiple times. Some photos will make you laugh; others will have you questioning, “how?” Say cheese!

As Blue as the Ocean

It’s unclear whether this woman had this in mind or if it just…happened. In either case, we’re very thrilled it did! Her shoes and jeans are the same color as the sea and sky in the background, and even the sand under her feet is the same color!

Whether the colors were chosen intentionally or not, they make for a stunning mix. She is only missing a sky-blue cap to conceal her hair, and she would just look like a floating head in the sky. Oh wait, the hands…but still stunning, though.

Crane You See the Moon?

Who could’ve thought a construction crane and the moon could make a beautiful couple? This picture is another example of being in the right place at the right time and getting a stunning image. Okay, being in the freakin’ SWISS ALPS also helps!

Yes, that is why this photo is so…picturesque. Because the crane you’re seeing is positioned in the Alps. The construction crane is placed in just the right position to make it look like the moon is suspended from the crane. Pretty cool, right? Time to change the wallpaper then!

Surfing on a Body Board

This picture has given us a new meaning to the word “bodyboard.” Everything about this picture is incredible, from the timing of the shot to the guys who were able to pull this off. While one of them dives for the sand, the other jumps vertically.

And, just as each moves, the person taking the picture clicks, clicks, and clicks away. They must have taken countless shots in a few nanoseconds, but what a result. Ladies and gents, this is how you make viral content. Serious teamwork and coordination, boys! Well done!

The Stunningly Colorful Union

There may or may not be a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, but there is certainly a golden path that leads there! This photo’s lighting is gorgeous, and the photographer captured a lovely golden light reflecting off the asphalt.

It is incredibly poetic how the rainbow separates the light side of the sky from the dark side. If you look closely enough, you’ll see the stunning double rainbow in this picture. Hats off to whoever took this breathtaking photo. Simply magical!

Can We Be Done Already?

Pole vaulting is a challenging sport requiring much concentration and strength. When someone is trying to move in the air on a flimsy post, one may expect their face to reflect an expression of intense struggle. That’s not exactly the situation in this image, though.

The poor athlete couldn’t get enough sleep the night before. The night before her competition, this unfortunate woman didn’t get any sleep. She seemed to not care about the jump as she soars through the air while yawning, clearly ready for a nap.

At Fault for the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We recommend that you visit it at least once in your lifetime. These teens did just that and thought of having fun while at it.

What’s the point of visiting if you can’t make memories? You get this when you mix a high school field trip with a bunch of cheerleaders. We’ve seen many optical illusions like this, but this one is just super-impressive. Go, girls!

Hands-on Air Traffic Control

This guy was just taking a stroll on the streets of his home on a rainy day when he saw a puddle. He went over to see his reflection and was surprised to see a tiny plane the size of a bee flying over him.

It was such impeccable timing that we’re wondering if he planned it. But that would be absurd, right? He must have seen an opportunity and grabbed it with one hand. Who else is as impressed that he could whip his phone out so quickly and catch the plane?

The Komondor and the Little Boy

Hungarian sheepdogs, or Komondors, are known for their long, distinctive fur coats. They are sometimes referred to as “mop dogs” because their fur practically resembles a mop. Isn’t this picture just spectacular? These two are totally in love with one another.

It looks like they’re having a beautiful moment together, and the photographer did a great job capturing a stunning picture. Komondors are powerful canines that are known for making good guard dogs. So, this little boy is in good hands (or paws) with this moppy doggo.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Meow!

Gather here, cat lovers, dads, and moms. Quite frankly, it’s almost impossible to get our feline companions to do much. But this cutie looks to be a fan of 400m races. We are introducing Paws McGee, 10x champion, all-star runner, and mouse-hunting specialist in lane 10.

Ladies, gentlemen, and cats, get ready! On your mark, get set, GO! And, off he goes! Paws McGee is an early lead. Oh, wait! He’s stopped for a milk break. And, he’s lost! Aww. It’s alright, Paws. No one cared anyway. We just wanted to see your cute face!

From Volleyball to Boxing in a Split Second

High-intensity sports like volleyball often cause loud grunting as balls are served over the net. Technically speaking, it is not meant to be a contact sport. But, like any other sport or activity, accidents sometimes happen. This poor kid was not in the right place at the right time.

The photographer, on the other hand, was. It doesn’t look like the kid knew what he was doing anyway. We can tell from the way they collided that neither team had a high score in this game. We hope he doesn’t hate volleyball after this.

Right in Mr. President’s Face

On this fateful day on a South Carolina beach back in 1993, former President Bill Clinton had just one task – to intercept a pass. And he did. But not quite right. Not only did he have trouble controlling the ball, but it also hit him dead in the eye.

It looks like Mr. Clinton wanted to steal the ball; technically, he did! Unfortunately, he didn’t intercept it with his hands as he had meant, but with his face. He probably had some bruises for a few days after that. Thank you, Mr. President!

The Gator Just Wanted to Drip

Goodness! What is this lady doing with that poor gator? That’s her necklace on the alligator’s neck. Hopefully, she’s not thinking about entering that animal and the necklace into any fashion shows. That’s a pretty ugly necklace. It looks like the gator doesn’t mind, though!

What do we know about necklaces? Well, for one, we know that they are usually not that big and bulky. We also know that gators shouldn’t be in or on accessories, so please rescue the poor creature from this fashion faux pas. Perfect timing, though.

I Hate Getting My Hair Wet

How often has a woman wanted to swim but didn’t want to get her hair wet? Countless times. Well, this lady has the solution if you’ve ever had that problem! Haha, just kidding. She’s just taking part in a cool and creative shot.

Pictures like this have gone viral in different settings, but this is the first one we’ve seen at a poolside. She could easily frighten anyone with this pose, including her younger siblings. Imagine everyone was out swimming at night, and it was dark! Spooky.

Twisted Sisters Take Yoga to the Next Level

If you’ve ever done yoga, you’ll know that things like this aren’t the easiest to pull off. Just look at them pulling it off magnificently. We’re just perfecting our child’s pose, hugging the ground, and these guys are already on a different level.

Everything about this image, including its elements, works together to produce stunning visuals. The background is set by the blurry bridge visible above the glistening blue ocean. Then there are these two stunningly fit women who are rocking this pose! Bravo, ladies!

Not So Fast, Frog

Get this frog on an episode of Star Trek ASAP! It looks like he belongs there anyway. He just jumps up and away…into oblivion. Nah, we’re just kidding. He’s perfectly fine. Although the photographer may have used some special effects, it’s just great timing.

We don’t know if the timing was intentional (it must have taken some skill) or just luck, but we’re giving the photographer their flowers! Kudos. The frog sprang, the photographer took a picture, and it (the leap) was captured in the picture’s exposure. Way to go, buddy!

The Dog in the Plastic Bubble

The story behind this picture is quite different from the plot of John Travolta’s “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.” But that will not stop us from making a pun about it. If you haven’t, you should see the movie. We warn you, and it’ll make you cry.

Anyways… Aww, just look at this cute pup chasing after the bubbles. This is yet another perfectly-timed shot. The camera’s angle makes it look like the dog is inside the bubble. Unlike some other shots, we don’t think this was intentional, but it’s an amazing picture.

Teeny Weeny Rabbit on the Face

Look at those adorable little green legs! Okay, so at first glance, you might have thought this woman had a strange skin condition. But, when you get closer, you can see that the picture shows this cute tiny frog. We all know how odd high fashion can be.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised when they use baby frogs as accessories. Can we all agree that her makeup is stunning? Jewels made of amphibian skin go wonderfully well with all that peach and rose-gold shine. Note to self: Green + pink is a perfect combo.

Slipped Through the Finger

Make sure you keep your eyes on the ball, Mr. Stanfield! Ready? Yes. Steady, steady, here it comes! Oh well, that was a good effort, though. Robert Lorne Stanfield, a Canadian politician who ran for a federal post in 1974, is the man in this photo.

But as soon as the newspapers got their hands on it, they circulated it around the nation. Canadians don’t want anyone with slippery fingertips to speak for their country. Is it just us, or are slippery fingers a prerequisite for politicians? Well, what do we know?

Face on the Rocks

If you’ve seen the popular movie “Friday,” where Chris Tucker and Ice Cube scream “Dammmmnn,” you’ll understand our reaction the first time we saw this. As this was a perfectly-timed picture, it looks like this poor guy had a bad day.

Not only is this man’s face directly on that rock, but also, look at how contorted his body is! It was pouring that day, and when he turned, his bike slipped out from under him. We hope there were no career-threatening injuries! Sorry, dude.

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

Does anyone remember how we played this game with our friends as kids? We sure do! Sadly, it never really worked the way we were told it would. It didn’t stop us from playing, though. This guy, on the other hand, looks like he could “go there” by himself!

Unfortunately for him, all the judges appear too busy to pay attention to him. He’s flying, and they’re all looking at something else, probably thinking, “we’ve seen this about ten times today.” We hear he scored pretty high, though—no less than he deserved.

Bright Scales and Clear Eyes

Have you ever used the fisheye effect to edit photos? The one that makes a section of the image large and seems quite funny? This guy does not. He is a master at using whole fish as lenses! He doesn’t mind being up close and personal.

We just can’t imagine holding raw fish near our noses, so he must have a stuffy nose or something! You must have heard the saying, “it’s so close I can almost taste it?” right? Well, you get our drift (a little pun intended).

All You Need Is Love…and More Coffee

You can always tell when a picture is Insta-gold. Take a look at this picture of a couple holding coffee cups. Their love, possibly for coffee and each other, is symbolized by the heart of spilled coffee. This image makes us feel good on many levels.

After all, there’s nothing better than a nice cup of coffee and a little love to start the day! We admit making your coffee into art is also a very interesting idea. If you decide to do this at home, be careful and wait until the coffee has cooled down.

Right in the Face

The goalie in this shot is only trying to do his best. Or, perhaps he’s just having a bad day. The goalkeeper’s job is to keep the ball out of the net; technically, it looks like he has done his job. But, at what cost?

This goalie used his face to complete his task rather than palming the ball out of the way or blocking it with a knee or foot. Hey, if it gets the job done, then who are we to complain? At least he managed to keep the ball away from the goal.

The Genie’s Magic Carpet

Look at this picture, and you can almost hear Princess Jasmine’s voice singing, “A whole new world.” This looks like the woman is hovering over the sand on something like a magic flying board the first time you look. Of course, there’s a more logical explanation.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the woman is wearing high heels on the beach. She’s standing on a wooden board so the sand doesn’t get in her shoes. The shadow of the nearby flag fluttering creates the illusion she is flying. Great picture!

Holding the Head for Support

We’ll be the first to admit that we’re not the best skateboarders. The last time we attempted to skateboard, some of us had ripped jeans and bruised tail bones. So, it’s not something we’re looking forward to anymore. But kudos to this guy!

He’s pulling off this skillful move, but it looks like he’s got help from the seated guy’s head! Haha! No, it’s just the angle of the shot and how perfectly lined-up his hand is with the guy. We bet they had a good laugh after seeing this picture.

Leaving a Trail Behind

We’re confused by whatever is going on in this picture. On the one hand, it looks like the plane left behind that unusual trail running through the plains. On the other hand, the angle of this picture makes things a little strange. Now, we’re even more confused.

Do planes now have rear-facing cameras mounted to their wings that take pictures in the sky? That would be cool. Or did someone twist themselves into a ridiculous pretzel just for this picture? We can’t say, but we know whatever it is, this is one cool snapshot!

Are You Going to Help Me or What?

This mouse looks like it’s having the worst day of its life and is trying not to make it worse. The poor creature looks petrified as it tries to move upwards between the solid objects and prevent its tiny body from falling on the electrical outlet.

It must have had quite the experience with electrical outlets to avoid it that much. Or maybe it’s sliding down running from a cat. We’re not sure anymore, but it looks like it’s asking the photographer to drop the camera and give it a hand.

Right in the Middle

Living close to an airport isn’t as much fun as people make it out to be. There’s always the frustrating traffic and the super loud noise from the planes as they fly too close to your window. But, there can be a few positive things about it too!

Besides the fact that you can leave home minutes before your flight, you will also be able to take stunning pictures without much effort. Whoever took this picture probably spent lots of time with their heads bent towards the sky. That’s the only way you can capture this perfect shot.

A Moment of Life and Death

No normal parent wants their little children to see a dead body. Even on television or in a movie, most parents do all it takes to prevent the kids from seeing it. But, these kids were up close and personal with a corpse until mom stepped in.

Mom’s quick thinking was the difference between a potentially traumatizing event and an interesting photo op! That day wasn’t the day for them to see this. Maybe someday, when they’re old enough, mom will show them this picture and tell them the fascinating story behind it.

The Benjamin Button Syndrome

Everyone has heard about Benjamin Button, right? Now take a look at this shot and tell us what you see. We’ll wait. You see it too, right. At first glance, the toddler looks like he has an older man’s face, and honestly, it’s creeping us out!

We’re glad it’s just one of the many optical illusions we’ve seen. All we can see in the back of the baby’s head in the hat and the face of the man holding him turned a bit sideways. Phew! Some optical illusions mess with your head, huh?

Saving the Meal for Later

Pelicans are one of the world’s coolest birds. They usually fly in flocks of 6 to 8 birds. When starving, they dive explosively into the water and snap up some fish with their big bill! It’s such an amazing sight, especially when you’re close to the water.

This pelican has chosen to save his snack in his neck pouch for later, indicating that he has a long journey ahead of him. Hey, Mr. Pelican, you do you. We think this might be a lady pelican, considering how much women love snacks…and pockets.

Moments Before Dropping the Cake

Imagine on your birthday when you all want to sit down and dig into some delicious cake. But the cake has different plans. This perfectly-timed picture of her face says it all. Her eyes are screaming, “NO, NOT MY CAKE!” We feel sorry for her.

On the plus side, she won’t have to work twice as hard in the gym this week trying to sweat it all out. She was also having a back-and-forth between the cheesecake and chocolate pie. This was the universe’s way of telling her she should have ordered the chocolate first!

Catch Me if You Can

The man with the red guy just wanted to take a leisurely walk on a beautiful, sunny day with some delicious ice cream. But, that was soon cut short. As beautiful as seagulls are, they can be cunning at times. And that’s why this one had other plans.

Luckily for him, it looks like he already ate most of the dairy delight before the seagull decided it was its turn. But this picture, captured at the right moment, still shows some longing in his eyes. We don’t think he was ready to give up the ice cream.

Champagne Shower on a Budget

We’ve all wanted to pop a champagne bottle and do a shower at least once. Some of us have been lucky enough to do it, but for others, the wallet doesn’t agree. If you’re on a tight budget and still want the experience, just follow this lady’s lead.

Did she forget where her mouth was? Because it looks like she missed the destination by a mile. We have no idea what’s happening, but there’s something sinister about the girl with the phone and purse. Someone get this lady a towel…and possibly a new beer.

One of Those Things

There’s a saying that “only three things can kill a farmer; lightning, rolling over in a tractor, and old age.” It looks like one of those things has happened here. But we seriously hope it wasn’t fatal. That doesn’t mean we understand how this mess happened.

First of all, why is the tractor that small? Seriously, how come? What is it used for? Besides that, what does the guy think he’s doing with it? Did he want to drive it up the belts before one of them gave away? Someone, please answer!

Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Yawn!

Anyone who has been in the military knows how monotonous and routine life can be where you’re stationed. Even if you haven’t, you’ll agree if you’ve ever watched a military march. Things are entertaining for a short while, but watching people march can get boring quickly!

This poor guy is all marched out. You can see in his eyes that he’s already on his bed! Look at the faces of his brothers around him. Nobody appears to be overly thrilled to be in the parade. There are only 30 more blocks to go, buddy!

The Wave of Glass

Many people have tried this shot, but we think this one takes the cake. How awesome is this picture of the wave? A surfer out-riding the waves captured this image with a GoPro. It was taken from inside the wave! How cool is that?

We could also snap a picture like this if we weren’t such big babies about being in the ocean! Okay, maybe not. Look at how the wave seems to be made of glass in the freeze frame! Yet another example of perfect timing. Of course, the ocean is also beautiful.

The Dog Takes a Dive

Active dogs are a joy to watch. This dog saw an object it wanted to sniff. Immediately, he set his eyes on the prize and took off running. Unfortunately for the beautiful canine, it reached a speed that was too much for his furry little legs.

We assume there are no speed breakers in the doggo kingdom. He couldn’t handle the speed, and he crashed. The picture makes us sad because we love dogs (and all animals). But, we still need to credit the photographer for the great timing.

Quick Selfie With the Boys

This has to be the greatest selfie to have been selfied. We can’t say if this cat has some superpowers or if he’s one of the cats with opposable thumbs and has learned how to operate a camera. But who cares anyway? This is one of the best photos ever.

It isn’t just because it looks like the cat took this picture. What makes this awesome is that the dogs are also facing the camera! It’s almost like he told them, “ready, guys,” and CLICK. The drone that took this photo must have had them completely hooked. Meow!

“All Power Belongs to Jesus”

Thor might have an opinion about who controls thunder and lightning, but it seems Christ has the power. Or at least, his statue does. The towering Cristo Redentor statue in Rio de Janeiro is 100 ft tall and could scare some people into submission on its own.

Add a mix of terrifying storms and lightning, as seen in this picture, and this is what you get. How cool is this picture snapped at the perfect time? It looks like the lightning is touching the statue. Phew. There’s a lot of POWER in this image.

Diving Into the Water…Stomach First

Most of us enjoy going to the pool to have some fun. Immediately when this guy jumped, he knew he’d better get his hands forward to break the water before his stomach did. Although many people don’t believe it, we think he made the dive.

His hands make contact with the water first because his arms are bent. But if we’re mistaken, this guy might have done the best belly flop in history! Even if they didn’t expect it at the time, the people around him got wet.

The Lady in Red

At first glance, this woman will seem possessed to the untrained eye. We don’t blame them. Her body is contorted into a shape that seems impossible to conceive, let alone execute! Add those creepy-looking red gloves with her fingers curled into a sign (well, sort of).

Regardless, this photo is stunning. We don’t care if she’s summoning demons. At least she looks amazing doing it. We’re also happy not to be on her bad side, or are you? Then maybe it’s time to pull out the sage and call on your angels.

It All Went Crashing Down

We’ve seen this activity a couple of times before. Well, anyone who has seen the four walls of a college will certainly be a connoisseur of plastic cups. But, just because we keep them and can flip them like champs doesn’t mean we know how to shape them into majestic castles.

It’ll most certainly come crashing down before we get too far. And, it seems we’re not alone because this gentleman isn’t a pro either. This perfectly-timed image was captured moments before everything he worked for came crashing down. Almost there, buddy! Keep going, and don’t give up now.

Smile for the Camera

Dolphins are extremely kind and intelligent animals. We’ve heard several stories of dolphins saving humans from drowning and even shark attacks! Incredible right? Well, this image is also perfectly timed. But it doesn’t seem like this little girl understands all of that or even cares about their kindness.

She looks more concerned about the enormous creature swimming toward her while her parents watch! I thought you loved me, mommy! Don’t worry, kiddo. Mom and dad know you’re in no danger. Although her fear may not be good, the dolphin’s grin while she cries is hilarious.

Bang! The Inverse Dive Goes Wrong

We’ve seen this one happen before. It was at a neighborhood pool while we were out swimming with friends. A girl that looked like the one in this picture was practicing her inverse dive, and all we heard was BANG, which was followed by a pool of blood.

For an inverse dive, a person stands at the edge of the diving board with their back against the water. With a reverse jump, they turn around and dive into the water with their backs to the direction they were originally facing. It’s a fairly nice technique, but it’s also obviously risky.

Caught in the Act

While we can say the photographer has perfect timing, we can’t say the same about this guy and his criminal activity. He slips his hand into her bag while keeping a straight face to avoid raising suspicion from his victim, her friends, or anyone around.

Although there’s a shirt over his arm, we can see what he’s up to. Hopefully, the photographer who took the picture saw him before he could take any valuables. Something tells us the next picture of this guy will be a mugshot. We don’t like pickpockets.

Get to Work, Chris

Chris, the lifeguard, was probably doing this as a summer job. Since the pool isn’t always crowded, he didn’t have much to do. And it looked like that day would be just another uneventful day, much like the other days before. But his aunt and friends came to visit.

You already know when the aunts are around, there’s trouble. Chris had a co-worker take shots of him to add to his burgeoning amateur modeling portfolio, but Aunt Lynda had different plans. “Watch this, ladies,” she says and leans back. Time to work, Chris!

There’s a Devil Inside

Have you ever had a friend you’ve always been close to, and suddenly they changed? They just became this stranger and maybe even a “hater.” Some of us know that feeling too well. Someone needs to tell this girl there’s a demon beside her.

The Bird With the Swirly Eyes

Left to us, we think birds have the best lives of all animals. They can fly all over the world and see the most beautiful places. No immigration or visa is necessary, and all from a bird’s-eye view. Wow. They also hang out on telephone wires and judge everyone beneath them.

Also, humans set up miniature bird baths to enjoy the birds, where they can flutter about. This bird saw one of those baths and decided to take a swim. He splashed his way into a new dimension. Haha! What a perfectly-timed picture.

Mr. Shark Photo Bombs

Besides the cat selfie with his dogs, this has to be one of the greatest photobombs in history. How many people boast that they’ve taken a selfie with a shark and lived to tell the story with all their limbs intact? Certainly not many!

We have some questions, though. Did this guy see the shark coming behind and seize the moment, throwing caution in the wind? Or was this just an unexpected photobomb that became epic? Whoever knows this guy needs to tell us because we want to hear the whole story!

Watchful Eyes of the Whale

Whales are generally not dangerous to man. Killer whales or or Orcas sound more terrifying, but the nickname was given to them by ancient sailors because they prey on other whales, not humans. But, we still don’t think we would’ve taken this incredible picture under the circumstances.

Who could remain calm enough to get a picture with an enormous Orca heading straight to you? Well, this photographer did. Lucky for us, he kept his cool and delivered a fantastic picture. Orca whales are massive and beautiful. We love seeing photos of marine life in their natural habitats.

Statue of Liberty, Here We Come

We wonder if this group of tourists had a conversation about taking this picture before going on the trip. It was the dad that brought up the idea. “Honey, let’s do it. It’ll be hysterical!” And mom just shrugged and went along with it. Whatever, it’s easier than arguing.

But then, it turned out to be a pretty nice photo. We’re sure it must have made a fantastic addition to the family’s photo album and social media pages. They were joining the Statue of Liberty. Hats off! Haha! Just like this father, our dad jokes need some work.

The Sea Foam Hoodie

Many of our best pictures are at the beach. This picture is amazing because it perfectly captures the ocean’s great strength and beauty. All it needed was a little shutter speed control and, of course, the photographer’s impeccable timing! This photographer has a terrific eye for beauty!

It looks like the ocean is telling the rock that playtime is over and it’s time to go home. It reaches out with a lovely, frothy paw to grasp it and pull it back into the calm, serene waters of the ocean. Plus, the water’s colors are simply breathtaking!

The Super Excited Dog

The saying that humans don’t deserve dogs is one we completely agree with. Dogs are sweet, loyal, and happy creatures that warm our hearts. They can be easily pleased and only need a good treat and a warm bed to be happy. Hopefully, some humans will learn to appreciate them.

This perfectly-timed picture shows how happy and excited this dog looks at getting his biscuit. He looks like someone who just won the lottery all because he knows he’s about to dig into some yummy chicken goodness. This is your reminder to adopt a dog today!

Straight Into the Belly of the Beast

This alligator gar saw a big, angry-looking predator swimming directly in his direction and swam away as fast as he could. But, it was straight into the waiting mouth of another of his enemies! The photographer was there at the right time to capture the moment.

This isn’t a picture to discard just like that. This happened in a split second! What are the chances of getting a picture like this? Do they regularly jump into the alligator’s mouths? It could be possible because Gars aren’t exactly the most intelligent creatures on the planet.

So Long, Bumble Bee

This picture has different emotions rolled into one. It’s interesting, beautiful, and sad at the same time. You’ve heard that if a bee stings you, it also loses its stinger, and it’ll die, right? We’ve heard that too, but we haven’t seen it this close before.

If you haven’t, this incredibly skilled photographer has changed that with this perfectly-timed picture. This poor bee chose to fight to his death. As he stings his enemy and bolts away, he is ripped apart by the stinger. Aww! We love bees; they’re vital to the ecosystem.

That’s a Fa-fish-nating Beret!

It may not be the most stylish beret in the world, but this dude is rocking a unique hat! Most people take pictures holding a fish with their hands when they catch a big one. But this guy said, “not this time,” and took the game to another level.

Kudos to his friend, who was standing there, ready to take a picture with his camera. And he got this incredibly well-timed picture. We don’t know if he intentionally took the picture to make his buddy’s face look like a giant fish or if it just happened by chance.

What an Incredible Save!

Soccer, football, basketball, and rugby are just a few sports where catching the ball is a skill. You need to keep your eyes on the ball and lunge for it at the right time. It looks like our adorable feline friends here don’t need any introductions.

They understood the assignment. We’re not sure what they were trying to catch, but this is a perfectly-timed adorable photo. The cat mom was probably swinging a shiny string above them while they were leaping to catch it. Whatever it is, this is a cute shot.

Scared by Mickey Mouse on Steroids

What do you do when your children are being cranky and demanding a trip to “the happiest place on Earth”? Of course, you could take them, but we’re sure that’s not what you want to do. Disney may be entertaining for kids, but it’s just as exciting for adults.

This dad found a clever solution to his Disney dilemma. What’s funny is that he actually came up with this plan, carried it out, and even got mom involved by having her photograph the picture. The good news is that since Mickey scared the child, he hasn’t mentioned Disney again!

Through the Looking Glass

As a kid, the world is your oyster. Everything and anything excites you. You’re amused by anything that moves or shines in bright colors. After all, you’ve got time. The world is beautiful, and there are lots of opportunities. But, it can go south quickly.

This poor kid wanted a better look at the shiny, moving machine on the road. He stood on the stool and was reaaaallyy close to looking out the window like the big boy he is! Almost there…almost there…yikes! Better luck next time, bro.

That’s a Terrific Catch Boy

Earlier, we saw how former President Bill Clinton missed the ball and intercepted with his face. This good boy has done the same thing, but it’s more effective. Yet another reason why we love dogs. He’s so excited, and it’s all over his face.

Just like Tyra Banks would say. he’s “smizing.” This is America’s next top dog! He’s got the ball! Good luck getting it from him. But hold on…what if the ball is stuck in his mouth. Oops! It looks like we need to go help him out!

Right in His Face

This was one of our favorite games as kids. Dang, we were so easily amused as children. After all, playing Jenga essentially involves putting wooden blocks on top of one another and then taking them out one at a time until it falls, at which point you yell “Jenga” loudly.

Seriously, why were we so thrilled about this? Okay, to be fair to this kid, the gigantic version of the game seems way cooler than the regular little one. However, getting whacked with a large piece of wood could sting a little, especially if you’re four.

Tongue Kissing Pretty Women

Ever listened to the summer jam “Energy” by Skepta and Wizkid? If you haven’t, this adorable dog is ahead of you. We’re not so sure what to feel about this photo. Don’t get us wrong, and we love dogs. But do we love them enough to French kiss them?

Maybe. Maybe not. The idea of touching our tongues with someone who just finished licking their butt isn’t that exciting. The dog couldn’t help himself, though. His mom stuck out her tongue, and it was only right that he reciprocated. Icky, but a cute and well-timed picture.

Take Note of the Deer Crossing

Everyone knows what a zebra crossing sign is. But not everyone knows about deer crossing. It’s not a painting on the road, but there’s usually a sign by the roadside. Unfortunately for the cyclist, there was no warning, and all he saw was a brown-colored creature and BANG.

Deer normally avoid being near cars, but could there be a reason why they seem to be drawn to cyclists? We have no idea, but we know this picture is hilarious and well-timed! That poor guy came crashing down and was probably hurt—sorry, dude.

The Cold and Slippery Memories

Hands up if you were born and raised in a cold climate and it snowed in winters. You certainly remember what it feels like to skid on ice if you’re anything like us and have wonderful childhood memories of drinking hot chocolate and sledding down the hill in your backyard.

Hint: It hurts like hell! It didn’t hurt as much as it could have, but if your mothers were like some of ours, you were wearing three pairs of padded snow pants. It’s funny that this mother chose to take a picture rather than stop the fall!

Visiting Dubai and the Moon

Dubai is renowned for being open to tourists. Maybe the next time they market the city, they should add that you can visit the moon while there too. At least that’s the idea of this incredible picture. The Burj Al Arab is one of Dubai’s many stunning buildings.

This is one of the best images of it that is known to exist! Why? This incredibly stunning picture results from the super moon’s alignment with the building’s design. It appears as though the structure was built particularly to hold the moon in that position. Amazing!

Cliché Family Photo Fail

Going on vacation is something everyone looks forward to. It’s sometimes difficult for families to go regularly due to work and other commitments. But when they do, it’s important to make it memorable. This family went as far as hiring a professional photographer for their beach vacation in Florida.

They even went shopping ahead of time and chose the cutest matching outfits. The mother then suggested that “we try one with us all jumping and laughing,” and that’s when this happened. Well, you wanted a memorable picture that’ll make you smile. There you have it!

Time to Drink and Chillax

Who doesn’t like a nice lemonade under the sun? This guy just wanted to unwind and enjoy his drink on his one day off from work this month. But his lawn chair had other plans. He was initially hesitant to sit on it; y’all know how these chairs can be.

But, he concluded that he didn’t have much to lose. Even though he may have a tiny bruise on his tailbone and will need an extra few minutes to put his chair back together, at least he managed to keep most of his drink!

What a Well-Timed Shot

It’s not every day that we get to engage in a snowball fight, but it’s always fun when we do. For guys who live in snowy climates, we believe throwing snowballs at their buddies’ faces at least once a year is essentially a rite of passage.

The photographer raised the bar for this tradition! We’re not sure if the person who threw the snowball also captured the image of it striking the man in the face. But if they did, that’s some great skill. Hats off to the victim for taking it like a king.

Get Your Hands Off, Dude

The guy who appears to be photobombing this shot looks to be doing much more than that. It looks like he is placing his hand on the shoulder of the girl to the right. Thankfully, it’s only the angle at which the camera and everyone in the image is positioned.

If you look a little closer, you’ll find that the hand on her shoulder belongs to her girlfriend, who is standing next to her. At first glance, it could appear as though this guy is randomly touching this lady and grinning all creepily about it. Phew!

Someone Help! I’m Stuck!

Okay, really? We’re wondering how the people with this woman couldn’t tell her that something was…well…off? It almost seems like she tied the hoodie intentionally to make it look like poor Mickey Mouse was stuck in…well, the point is he was trapped!

But then again, this is Disney we’re talking about. And, if there’s anything we know about them, they’re notorious for using coded messages in their stuff. So we can’t be sure they didn’t design this shirt specifically to look this way when worn like this.

Their First Time Flying

Remember when we said birds have the best lives of all the animals? They’re so lucky to have the liberty to fly anywhere they want worldwide. Well, that hasn’t changed. But, we reckon that flying for the first time as a baby bird must be tough.

This photographer captured this incredible moment of these baby geese learning to fly for the first time. It’s a magical and beautiful image. We’re grateful to this photographer for being in the right place at the right time to take this shot. Fly high, cuties!

Our Fight Will Be LEGENDARY!

We’ve all watched “Kung Fu Panda,” right? We’ve found him if you’ve been looking for Master Shifu. Okay, maybe that’s not him, but this cat must be a serious Steve Miller Band fan. He certainly has the whole flying like an Eagle thing perfected.

Man, that cat looks like it has watched lots of stuff. You’ve got to have some serious cat balls to square off a bird of prey like an eagle. The eagle probably thought the cat would be an easy snack, but the cat was all, “Nope! Not today.”

The First Upside-Down Mermaid

We’ve all seen a mermaid picture before, but this one is different. You’ve never seen anything like this before – the elusive Upside-Down Mermaid! This sea creature prefers to hunt at night, so it’s a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence to see the mythological gem during the daytime!

Maybe it’s a good thing that we rarely see these things. At least mermaids with a fish bottom half and a human top half look easier on the eyes and are less terrifying. The Upside-Down Mermaid goes against all the natural laws of the universe.

The Stadium Is Alive

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event, you’ll understand that the buzz around the stadium is one you can’t forget quickly. This photo is bizarre since it gives the impression that the stadium has been photoshopped to seem swirly. But it isn’t.

This is what happens when a distracted camera operator takes a picture with a shaky camera while the stadium is vibrating! Worse still, there aren’t any nearby people in this picture who appear to have been affected; all that can be seen is the stadium on the horizon. Woah!

Who Doesn’t Take Trashy Pictures?

You know that moment when you pass by a garbage can fill with all kinds of disgusting hot trash, and you just have to stop to take a picture and capture its beauty? No? Neither do we. But apparently, this guy is fascinated by the trashy lifestyle.

This dude has an Instagram account of images just like this. He enjoys taking pictures of partially-eaten sandwiches of other people’s food from restaurants. No, we’re just kidding. He doesn’t. But, the internet is filled with strange people. We won’t be surprised if he has one.

The Giants Are Back

Summer is here, and you’re probably planning your next vacation. Where should you fly to? We have some ideas. If you’re looking for a cool place to go just for memories or a place where you can take some amazing pictures, then we recommend Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

It is the world’s largest salt flat. This couple enjoyed taking insanely good Instagram-worthy pics. The way the salt flat is laid out makes it easy to create some amazing optical illusions in your photos. Here’s a nicely-done one by this couple. Make sure you send us your pictures!

The No-Hands Headstand

While doing headstands as a child was a lot of fun, falling as a child didn’t hurt as much. Or, that’s just how it seems. It takes a lot more effort to pull off a headstand as an adult than it did when you were five.

So, we give this woman huge credit for being able to hold this position! If you are not an experienced gymnast or yogi, headstands and handstands can be quite challenging to accomplish. Look at this woman’s iconic power posture! She is supporting a headstand without using her hands. Go, girl!

He’s Not Going to Do That Again

We’ve seen pitch invaders cause disruptions at sporting events several times. And quite frankly, it doesn’t surprise us anymore. Streakers running across sports fields is a cliché sports prank in the biggest games. But, no matter how many times we’ve seen it, it’s still hilarious.

The streaker chose the wrong time to strip down and bare it all during a rugby game. One of the players (possibly on the losing side) was not having it and decided to take him down. He’ll regret doing this, but at least he gave us a hysterical picture.

In the Name of the Father, the Son…

This kid is the embodiment of not crying over spilled milk…or a cocktail. He looks completely unconcerned that a mixed drink is being poured on him. Maybe it’s because he is at ease on his mother’s lap. Mom may be regretting her decision to get a drink with sticky juice.

Dad may not be aware of it quite yet, but we’re certain he laughed a lot when he saw this shot. He probably didn’t notice it until after that evening, when the child had been cleaned up, and it was funny rather than just a little annoying.

Superdad to the Rescue

This kid and his dad were seconds away from having a bad day. But thanks to his dad’s superhuman reflexes, no one will be going home with a broken nose. The child was on his phone and looked up to see his father’s hand in his face.

Well, lucky for him because it could’ve been something much worse. What a save, Dad! The guy with the beer also had some quick thinking. It’s just that he saved his Budweiser from splashing all over someone’s scalp. And lastly, huge props to the cameraman for this legendary picture.

Almost Decapitated the Goalie

We just saw a dad save his child’s face from being smashed by a baseball bat. And a man saved his beer. Here’s another save. But this time, the caged mask is saving the ice hockey goalie’s face from being smashed. The look on his face says it all.

He still looks surprised, though – like it could’ve slipped through the cracks. But, let’s face it, everyone knows how brutally vicious hockey is. People attend hockey games to watch men kick each other’s butts on the ice. Why does the goalie look like he’s surprised?

This Picture Is HOT

There are many cool career choices out there. You can be whatever you want. The best careers are those that combine fun and work together. Photography is undoubtedly one of the world’s coolest hobbies or careers. Today’s amazing high-tech tools enable photographers to capture moments in time.

These unique moments would normally go unnoticed by the human eye. SO NICE! Just look at this image of a beautiful flame that has been trapped in time. This image’s coloring and lighting only serve to emphasize its meaning more. What a beautiful image!

Flying With the Boys

Many people believe this picture is edited because the guy is too far off the ground for it to be believable. But it’s natural…or supernatural. If you ask us, he’s not only about 3ft above the ground, but his body language and expression says a whole too.

The dude’s face tells that he is engaged in the game and probably isn’t even aware of how insanely high he is off the ground! We’re sure of one thing: if you need to get something out of reach, then this is the man to call.

The Stingray Just Wanted a Photo

Cathy was excited when her friends asked her to join them on a trip to Bermuda. She is all about spreading out on the beach under the sun and eating exotic delicacies while sipping pina Coladas. But, she certainly wasn’t expecting this…this?! What is THIS?!

Someone get it off me! Relax, Cathy; Stingrays aren’t that dangerous (their sting can be fatal, though). He just wanted some love and to also get in on the photo! But, Cathy and her friends were terrified. We hear she no longer swims in anything but a pool.

Took It Like a Champ

This poor chap wasn’t as lucky as the kid in the previous picture whose dad was there to save him from being smashed in the face by a baseball bat. Guess we all need a super dad! This guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He probably left the game with a dislocated jaw! Aww. This is the reason (or one of the reasons) why we don’t go to baseball games. Another reason is that we aren’t the biggest baseball fans in the world, but the FLYING BASEBALL BATS puts us off.

Buddha Is a Big Boy

Buddha is usually busy teaching or meditating. But, sometimes, you might find him playing with his toy plane! Just like in this picture. Imagine him going “zooooom” as he flies it in circles in the air. Okay, maybe that’s not what is going on in this picture. Pretty close, though.

This is just a super cool huge statue of Buddha and a passing airplane. This is unbelievable timing. Some people are just talented! This person saw this opportunity and wasn’t letting it pass by before it slipped between Buddha’s hands. It didn’t. One of our favorites!

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Did you seriously think we would end this hysterical list without showing you a picture of a child falling? Too bad, because here’s another! (Evil chuckle). Seriously though, you have to admit they’re just as adorable as they are hilarious. We’re going to hell for laughing, right?

Nah. We’re sure he’ll be laughing at it in the future. This poor kid was on a field trip with his classmates. Everyone was about to pick their pumpkin and go on a hayride. Of course, you also climb all over the huge hay bale. And, oof! Down the hill.

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