The Beauty of Our World Presented Through Photography: Here Are the Best Photos From the Cewe Photo Award 2021

The world we live in is so beautiful. Although oftentimes we lack the impression we ought to have for the wonder our nature and us as humans have. We forget to just take a minute and appreciate the nature that surrounds us.
But who would present the best way the beauty of our planet rather than photography we may be living on the other side of the planet. And it takes only a glimpse of a shoot to bring us the astonishing view we might have never seen.

Coming from this the CEWE Photo Award 2021 decided they would do a photography contest under the theme “Our World is Beautiful” to show that our planet is full of amazing places, landscapes, people, cultures, and many more things. To remind us of what is actually important.

Photographers from over 170 countries submitted photos for the chance to win this competition. The final winners will be announced on September 16, 2021.

Scroll down to see the marvelous photographs and don’t forget to check more about the photography award in the info tab down below.

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 1. Landscapes – Best Entry By Stefan Schorno. Kuh Oder Gletscher?

The contest organizers wrote on their website: “Many thanks to all participants who helped make the CEWE Photo Award the biggest photo competition in the world! A total of over 606,289 photos from 170 countries were uploaded in ten exciting categories. It was not an easy task for the jury.”

The competition motto ‘Our world is beautiful’ was truly brought to life and we are now delighted to present the 1,000 wonderful winning photos! The overall winner will be announced on 16th September 2021 at the Awards Show Gala Evening and prizes will be sent out at the end of September.”

The prize is incredible, a total of €250,000 euros will be distributed to the one thousand announced winners. Also, the overall winner gets a trip worth €15,000 anywhere in the world and another camera worth €7,500. CEWE Photo is a contest that anyone who loves photography should participate in. And you don’t even need money. There are no entry fees and anyone can join—from amateurs to professionals!

2. People – Best Entry By Josef Hinterleitner. Unser Lied

3. Animals – By Grzegorz Bukalski. Winter Nap

4. People – Category Winner By Hartmut Schwarzbach. Rainy Season-Regenzeit

5. Landscapes – Category Winner Manfred Voss. Frozen Lighthouse

6. Animals – Dikye Ariani. Mother’s Love

7. Animals – By Doris Dörfler-Asmus. Ohhhh Nein

8. Travel & Culture – Best Entry By Lorenzo Perotti. Rowing At Sunset

9. Animals – Category Winner By Josef Schwarz. Der Clan Kuschelt

10. Animals – By Tilly Meijer. Kiekeboe

11. Animals – By Zdenek Pachovský. Merops Apiaster

12. Architecture And Technology – By Tadej Turk. Morning In Ljubljana

13. Nature – Best Entry By Andreas Wolden. Isfjell

14. Landscapes – By Manh Ngoc Nguyen. Im Melaleuca Wald

15. Nature – Category Winner By Petra Jung. Pusteblumen-Schirmchen

16. Hobby And Leisure – By Pascal Lieleg. Sit ‘N’ Skate

17. Sport – Category Winner By Andreas Bauer. Straßenfußball

18. Aerial Photos – By Dani Guindo. Divided

19. Hobby And Leisure – By Artur Pardo. Color Pencil Refraction

20. People – By Van Hop Nguye. Eye Contact

21. Architecture & Technology – Best Entry By Rong Yang. Morgenstimmung In Den Bergen

22. People – By Antonio Aragon Renuncio. Kindness

23. Architecture And Technology – By Giorgio Pizzocaro. Shadows

24. Nature – Best Entry By Mareike Mosch. Kontraste

25. Aerial Photos – Best Entry By Sultan Ahmed Niloy. Ducks Feeding

26. Aerial Photos – By Azim Khan Ronnie. Drying Incense Sticks

27. Sport – Best Entry By Simon Alvarez Foucher. Basket Acrobatique

28. Travel & Culture – Best Entry By Edgard De Bono. Dances

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