30 Times People Spotted Weird Or Confusing Shadows And Just Had To Snap A Pic

Sometimes our eyes end up playing tricks on us and what we though to be a spooky silhouette of a man in a dark alley turns out to be nothing more than a weird shadow of a tree. And even though these accidental optical illusions can be pretty scary, they can also be absolutely fascinating.

People online are sharing pictures of all the weird, funny, and confusing shadows that they’ve managed to capture, and they’re guaranteed to mess with your mind. Check out some best ones in the gallery below, and if you want more, make sure to read our earlier article here!

#1 Shadows Cast From A Tree During An Eclipse

Image source: LordBandimer

#2 The Way These Shadows Line Up With The Windows

Image source: bleimanb

#3 A Rare Optic Sight, The “Brocken Spectre,” Occurs When A Person Stands At A Higher Altitude In The Mountains And Sees His Shadow Cast On A Cloud At A Lower Altitude

Image source: utkrixx

#4 Even The Shadows In Scotland Are Plaid

Image source: BookerDeWittsCarbine

#5 This Shadow From Two Different Trees In My Parking Lot

Image source: UnholyFire23

#6 This Unicorn Shadow

Image source: OldForester101

#7 Crumpled Paper Shadow Faces

Image source:

#8 The Horses Were Standing So Still That Their Shadows Still Have Frost

Image source: Kelleykrider16

#9 Shadow And Slope Makes It Look Like He’s Floating

Image source: tommytwooo

#10 The Way The Light Shines Through The Bookcase Making A Cityscape Shadow

Image source: Mitchdavismann

#11 The Shadow Of My Chimney Makes Me Look Like Lord Farquad

Image source: atheistpianist

#12 This Shadow That Perfectly Lined Up With The Light Pole

Image source: caitwcam

#13 Shadow Cast By My Light Looks Like The Gingerbread Man Hanged Himself

Image source: billysherbert

#14 The Shadow On The Stairs Looks Like Another Set Of Stairs

Image source: JazzFricker

#15 Baby Deer Chilling On A Chair

#16 A Long Boi With A Shadow Of A Mandog

Image source: thedogpicguy

#17 Spider Floating On Water Made A Unique Shadow

Image source: appleskittles

#18 The Shadow From A Rivet Makes It Look Like Sacajawea’s Smoking A Blunt

Image source: pillowcurtain

#19 A Tree’s Shadow Stopped The Snow Underneath It From Melting

Image source: louissmlej

#20 This Restaurant Uses Shadows To Show Men And Women Restrooms

Image source: Rook_Mozga

#21 The Shadows From These Window Cages Create A 3D Effect

Image source: Mike_ZzZzZ

#22 The Way The Shadows Look Between My Coffee Mugs

Image source:

#23 I Genuinely Thought My Car Was Hovering Over The Parking. The Shadow Makes It Look Like It’s Floating

Image source: theam107

#24 Lahaina Noon In Hawaii Right Now – The Sun Passes Directly Overhead, So Anything That Isn’t Top-Heavy Doesn’t Cast A Shadow

Image source: notmedicinal

#25 Shadow Looks Like Painting

Image source: Panishev

#26 Only 3 Spiral Ornaments And The Rest Are The Shadows They Cast

Image source: frogs-and-flowers

#27 Straight Ladder Has A Crooked Shadow

Image source: bpcity81

#28 K-Pop Shadow Is Coming For You

Image source: Kudiak72

#29 Shadows Of Birds Perched Atop A Tent

Image source: goodcheapandfast

#30 The Personless Shadow

Image source: HappyColoredMarble

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