10 Pictures Which Prove That Designers Had A Bad Day

We are game for crazy and funky designs no matter what since we truly believe that it is such designs which bring out the best trends in fashion or be it any industry. They often play a key role in shaping their respective market with some seriously out of box thinking but there are times when they don’t just cross the thin line but literally jump over it with some seriously bizarre choices and executions. Not saying that they always wanted to create stuff like this but there may be a great chance of them trying to be quirky but which ended otherwise.

A purse to remember

We aren’t sure what was the inspiration behind such a design whatever it is, it has surely peeked our attention.

How would you describe this cow’s design of a bag, we are lost for words.

A rich toilet paper

We understand in fact the world needs to understand that water is a premium resource now and we need to use it judiciously but that doesn’t mean we need such ultra rich design of a toilet paper, some better sense should have prevailed.

What is this anyway

When the designer is caught between creating a short length denim or a full length one what you get at the end of it is this.

Is this ashtray for real

Look at the irony of the design at once you are designing an ashtray for holding the puff while on the other hand you mention no smoking how intelligent.

When pebbles are an inspiration

Designers find different things through which they get inspired but this is one of those where we don’t seem to get what exactly made them to do this.

Plenty of choices

When you have hundreds of options at your disposal literally you would surely be confounded as to what choice must be made another dumbfounded design we must say.

Would anyone care to wear this

There are certain designs which make you wonder really were they designed to be this way or it was some happy mistake.

Wasn’t that supposed to be comfortable

Of all the places where comfort is necessary isn’t this one among them in fact this should certainly top the comfort list of places but few people think otherwise don’t they.

Great idea but looks bizarre

You wake up early morning to cleanse your teeth and suddenly you find this for a moment you are taken back, there must be something better than this.

God bless logic

Why don’t people come up with better ideas we don’t know for sure, but what we do think is this isn’t how it should have been, there must surely have been better logic in here.

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