15 Curious Facts About How Men’s Bodies Work

Scientists from all around the globe are still studying the differences between men and women, and they are actively decoding new and vital mysteries about men’s bodies and brains.

Men only employ half of their brain when listening; the other half is free to think about something else. It’s not the same for women. They listen with their full intellect when they listen. That’s why it’s crucial to be succinct and exact while communicating to a man.

The normal man’s senses of hearing, smell, and taste are less developed than those of a woman. This is the result of evolution: males were initially hunters who had to be aware of movements, whereas women were gatherers who had to be more aware of those senses.


In the dark, women can see more details, but only those that are close to them. Men’s night vision is somewhat weaker than women’s, but they can see details at any distance.

Men are three times more likely than women to be left-handed. This phenomenon’s scientific explanation has yet to be discovered. Left-handed persons can process more information than right-handed ones, according to Australian National University researchers.

Men are significantly better at dealing with physical exercise. An typical guy has 8-10 quarts of blood in his body. A woman of average build will have around 6-7 quarts of blood. Furthermore, men’s blood contains more haemoglobin and red blood cells, allowing for more effective oxygen circulation.

Cellulite has no effect on men. This is due to the fact that men and women’s bodies contain distinct proportions of muscles, fat, and connective tissues. Men are born with better developed muscles and more collagen in their skin.

Men sleep better than women. The electrical activity of a man’s brain declines to 70%, whereas that of a woman’s lowers to 10%. The cause for this may be traced back to early society’s past. Men were hunters, and they needed to relax at home. Women were the primary caregivers for the children at home.

It is simpler for a man to lose weight than it is for a woman. The body of a guy consumes more calories to provide energy to his muscles and other organs. At the same time, a man’s testosterone level is 7 times higher than a woman’s, which boosts metabolism (despite the fact that their muscle mass is significantly higher than that of a woman).


Moving items are more visible to men than stationary ones. That is why a man is constantly drawn to a female who is dancing.

Men are more likely to have a chubby stomach. The reason for this is because males accumulate fat inside their abdominal cavity, between their internal organs, rather than under their skin (as women do).

Men have a poorer immune system than women, and thus are more susceptible to infectious infections. The explanation for this is that more testosterone has a stronger anti-inflammatory impact. As a result of this hormone reinforcing genes that reduce inflammation, the body creates less antibodies.

Men typically have a larger bladder and require less frequent bladder emptying than women. Women’s pelvis has more organs than men’s, leaving less space for the bladder. A woman’s bladder volume ranges from 0.4 to 1.5 pints, whereas a man’s bladder volume is approximately 1.5 pints.

A man’s body has 1.5 times the number of oil and sweat glands as a woman’s. As a result, a man’s skin generates more skin oil and hence seems oilier.

Men are more susceptible to hot temperatures than women. A man’s body, on the other hand, is a natural warmer since his temperature is 0.2 degrees higher than a woman’s. This is due to men’s greater metabolic rate.


Men have a simpler genetic makeup than women. Maternal and paternal cells combine to form active X chromosomes. The X chromosome is passed down to men from their mothers. The Y chromosome has less than 100 genes, whereas the X chromosome has over 1,500 genes.

Because men and women have various DNA combinations, they are different in every cell of their bodies. But, don’t we find that our differences make us more intriguing and desirable to each other?

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