No matter how dull being stuck in quarantine can sometimes appear, people are doing their best to keep their spirits high. And what better way to do that than by having a good laugh.

While some people are occupying themselves by sorting out beach trash or painting Warhammer miniatures, others are creating hilarious quarantine signs that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. From funny social distancing instructions to witty church signs, check out the best quarantine signs in the gallery below!

#1 He’s Got A Point

Image source: MilkyChast

#2 Strict Dad

Image source: Joy-Chris Martin

#3 My Parents Wouldn’t Let Me In… Something About “Not Being On This List”

Image source: AZGraybill12

#4 Anyone, No?

Image source: chaosphile

#5 The Sign At The Pizza Place I Go To

Image source: matt_CHRIST3NS3N

#6 My Local Shop Putting Up Signs Of 2011 Memes Due To The Lack Of Toiletpaper

Image source: BrohemianWrapsody

#7 Columbus, Oh

Image source: dangwha

#8 If You Have To Work, You Might As Well Enjoy It

Image source: captaincaaveman

#9 She Held Up A Sign In Her Window Saying She Needs More Beer, And Before Long She Was Suprised With 150 Cans Of Her Favorite Ale

Image source: darrenrovell

#10 While Updating A Bathroom, I Left A Surprise Under The Floor For The Next Remodeler

Image source: aarontminded

#11 My Sister Sent Me A Picture Of My Newborn Niece For My Birthday, Since I Haven’t Been Able To Meet Her Yet

Image source: mags387

#12 No Gloves

Image source: geniusgza1

#13 The Church In My Town Makes Me Laugh On A Weekly Basis

Image source: kjpoyner

#14 Quarantine Is Going Well In My Neighborhood

Image source: furrygreencurry

#15 Advice From God

Image source: Dreamba

#16 Spotted This In My City

Image source: DiscordDonut

#17 Saw This At The Dog Veterinarian Today

Image source: steenlys

#18 My Town’s Example Distances For Social Distancing

Image source: blinker1eighty2

#19 The Joys Of Working From Home

Image source: 4musing_User_Name

#20 Free Cure

Image source: Rksta8

#21 We Are Living In An Unforeseen Circumstance

Image source: BlueWoof

#22 Saw This On My Walk Today

Image source: countryroots

#23 Sun Ray Keeping It Real

Image source: cheesemoose

#24 My Neighbors Front Lawn Dad Joke

Image source: MistressDrey

#25 My Township Has Some Funny Business Owners

Image source: jgibs2850


#26 Stayin’ Alive

Image source: KarenKnoeb

#27 Gentlemen’s Club In My Hometown For The Covid Sign Win

Image source: jugbandfrog

#28 Days Since Pants

Image source: hoosiernamechecksout

#29 Just Stop

Image source: dudewithsign

#30 I Saw This At My Local CVS

Image source: BaconPancake62

#31 Poor Kid…

Image source: yourpantsaretoobig

#32 Truth!

Image source: tinrinca

#33 Not Bad, Not Bad

Image source: winklereli

#34 Message From God

Image source: tglnyc

#35 Keep Your Distance

Image source: Dutchie_86

#36 Welcome To Canada

Image source: tractornucleareactor

#37 Love The Sense Of Humor Of This Sign Owner

Image source: djak

#38 In The Spirit Of The Quarantine Season, I Decided To Have A Little Fun With My Pressure Washer

Image source: redwolf1017

#39 Day 7

Image source: posterstock

#40 My Neighbors Front Lawn Dad Joke

Image source: JulesGirth