25 People Share The Hilarious Times They Saw Funny, Creepy And Downright Strange Looking Faces In Everyday Objects

Have you ever felt like someone is watching you even though no one’s around you? Most of us have felt that at some point because human brain has the tendency to visualize unusual images out of inanimate objects. If you have wild imagination, you’re likely to see faces everywhere you look. From cloud formations to plug sockets to the foam on your coffee – everyday objects can sometimes take the form of a human face. With just a hint of a pair of eyes and a mouth, our brain tends to interpret the similarity which results to the perception of a real face.

If you’re seeing faces everywhere you look, there’s no need to freak out because there’s actually nothing wrong with you. This experience is called pareidolia and it actually happens to everyone. It is the tendency of the mind to perceive familiar objects or patterns in random or unrelated objects. A lump of cloud forming a fluffy bunny, a wacky face burned into your toast, a spooky face on the façade of a building – we sometimes end up with something hilarious and sometimes strange that can really challenge our wits.


Faces Everywhere!

faces everywhere angry bag

Of course, people who have seen funny and spooky faces everywhere won’t waste the opportunity to capture the images on camera and share the world the way they see it. And we’ll do our part in gathering these amusing pics in one place so you don’t need to rummage the worldwide web to search for them. Enjoy these pics to your heart’s content!
funny pareidolia smoking mailbox

funny pareidolia drunk octopus

faces everywhere happy seat belt

funny pareidolia plug sockets emotions

faces everywhere cctv terminator

faces everywhere smiling iron

funny pareidolia shadow form

faces everywhere playing playground

faces everywhere happy manhole cover

funny pareidolia happy bag

funny pareidolia muffin man

faces everywhere stormtrooper grill

faces everywhere shirt man

faces everywhere boxes

funny pareidolia underground pipes

funny pareidolia angry treadmill

faces everywhere winking box

faces everywhere creepy onion

funny pareidolia offensive lock

faces everywhere staring trousers

faces everywhere mad mop

funny pareidolia the scream

funny pareidolia eyes on the roof

faces everywhere frog foam

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