A Comic About Girls Night Out With An Unexpected Twist

Are you ready for a rollercoaster of emotions?

Because we have just the comic for you! You see, while the following comic might look like an ordinary comic about a girls night out, it is much more than that, and you will only be able to find that out if you read it till the end.

Trust me; you won’t be disappointed. The artist behind this weird but endearing comic is a Lithuanian student named Polina. But she doesn’t just draw weird comics; she has many other illustrations which you will love.

Source: Deviant | Virink

It all started with a fun girls night out.

Very true, Be confident and do what you want to do.

As it turns out, a lot of things can happen.

To be fair, it is quite a cheesy line.

Okay, that took a turn that I was not expecting.

Wait, When did the FBI get here?

Okay, Now this is getting too weird even for me.

Shoop-Da-Whoop? Really?

Of course, the President has thought of this scenario.

I bet he was just waiting to use that button his whole life.

At least the Aliens realize their mistake.

Actually, this is exactly like my nightmare.

The Earth will probably not survive.

Now I am just going along with this.

It was just a dream cop-out.

What is more interesting than starting world war?

I still don’t understand where this even started.


I think we have different definitions of ‘cute’.

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